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Sun 13 May

Megan Holder red pointed a route and climbed 3 other routes at Kangaroo Point and mentioned HollyH. • 1836 1 Point 10 days ago

Red pointed a route, seconded a route and attempted 2 routes.

17 Pass the Bosch Sport 18m, 6Very Good

Attempted on lead. Couldn't move past the crux. Bailed and tried again on top. Still couldn't stick crux so jugged up — with HollyH

17 Bombadil Sport 18m, 5Classic

Lovely warm up climb — with HollyH

21 Kass Sport 18m, 6Very Good

First attempt red pointing. Got to crux and couldn't nail sequence so came down. — with HollyH

21 Kass Sport 18m, 6Very Good

Seconded my second attempt. Used the 'shory person Beta' through crux. Would like to lower and dial this sequence. Really nice climbing. Can't wait to get a clean tick. — with HollyH