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Sun 13 May

Wade Stewart updated an area and a route at Bourbon Wall. 50 10 days ago

Updated 1 area and 1 route.

Updated the area Bourbon Wall.
Updated beta description.

High concentration of compact quality sport routes on lovely ripply orange rock. Love the Dams Cliffs? You'll also like this! The cliff is tucked away in a scenic and shady bend of the Georges River with great swimming right below the cliff. All routes are well equipped with ringbolts and lower-offs. Stickclipping the first bolt is advised on all routes. The cliff faces south west, so gets late afternoon sun (around 4pm in summer). A faint track leads down to the swimming from below the route Makers Mark. Warning - the green algae in the swimming hole is highly toxic if dogs eat it - there has been one recorded poisoning that required $2000+ vet bills to fix!

Updated the route 20 Tequila Slammer.
Updated beta description.

Nice rock and moves up until the last move which is big. Dyno or static, that's the question? If you're tall it's probably 18. If you're short maybe 22.-24. Short and sweet.

Be careful cleaning due to the swing. Be careful cleaning due to the swing. I may add a lower off biner soon.