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Wed 16 May

Alex Mougenot red pointed a route and pink pointed 2 routes at Kangaroo Point. • 3200 3 Points 7 days ago

Red pointed a route and pink pointed 2 routes.

24 Cubans For All Sport 18m, 4

Good for a change but, as Dave noted, doesn't really add much.

23 Cucumber Castle Sport 18m, 4

To clean the first half of Sinister Pathway. Felt great in new miuras as opposed to my old ones! Conditions were primo this morning.

27 The Sinister Pathway Sport 25mClassic

Hopped on the send train with Dave to round off a nice morning at KP! A great link-up with classy climbing, interesting traverse moves, cruxes after cruxes - well worth doing. Warmed up by climbing Cucumber through to Honed and Buffed.

Ryan Siacci started this discussion 6 days ago.

Jesus christ lad.