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Sat 19 May

Neil Monteith edited an area and some routes at Blue Mountains. 195 5 weeks ago

Created 1 route and updated 1 area and 3 routes.

Updated the area Shakes and Flakes Wall.
Created the route 23 Unknown Left of Racer's Edge.

Mystery line of bolts 2m left of Racer's Edge which eventually joins into that routes original left trending finish right at the top. A mix of FHs, carrots and rings of different eras. At the 3rd bolt trend right boldly into Racers Edge for a few moves then back left to the worn sidepull (doing the move without this dogleg looks highly contrived and very hard!). Anyone with further info?

Updated the route 25 The Racer's Edge Direct Finish.

Added number of bolts '7'. — Changed style from 'sport' to 'trad'.

Updated beta description.
Apparently Racers edge had a left hand finish. Now there seems to be a left hand start and middle on a mixture of new bolts, FHs and RBs that join some old carrots near the top to create an entirely independent route 1 to 2 m left of the original RE. If some one wants to enlighten us.... Climb the arete direct for the last few bolts (the original traverses left up the face away from the arete for 2 bolts).
Edited route history.
  • First Ascent: Stacey McManus, 1995

Updated the route 25 The Racer's Edge.
Updated beta description.
The route on the arête entirely on old carrots with a # 4 and # 0.75 cam needed. The route on the arête entirely on old carrots with a # 4 and # 0.75 cam needed. Finishes up face on left side of arete (shared finish with the mystery route)
Updated the route 22 Cheap Dive.

Changed height from '40' to '30'.

Added beta description.

Grovel up wide crack or bolted undercut arete on the left then dawdle up 5m of ledges to begin the real climbing on the left wall. Orange scoops then head out to the arete (shared with Cheap Skate) and then back on to the wall to finish at lower-offs. All Ubolts - no bolt plates required.