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Sun 20 May

updated an area and some routes at Blue Mountains. 110 5 weeks ago

Updated 1 area and 2 routes.

Updated the area Ikara Head.
Updated beta approach.

Take the 'Victoria Falls' road, to the right just after passing 'Browntown' Oval (Soldier's Pinch) between 'Mt Boyce' and Mt 'Victoria' - This is a dirt road and can be a little rough on an old car - for exactly 4km until a minor vehical track is reached on the left (Signposted with a 'Management Track - Walkers Only' sign and with a locked NP gate). This track is about 400m before the 'Asgard Swamp' trail. Leave your car here and walk. Follow the trail for about 3.3km until a small cliff overlooking a creek is reached. Find your way around the small cliff (cairns) and down through some swampy ground, across the creek and up the hill to the cliff line. The gully as you get to the cliff line is one of only 2 ways to the top of the cliffs , other than climbing that is! Head right beneath the overhangs until the climbing area is reached.. Descent: you can abseil. Over Splattergram, first abseil 5 m from bolts on cliff top to bolts over edge. Second rap 30 m to ledge then 3 rd rap 50 m to ground. Nice U bolts.

Updated the route 19 Telstar.
Updated beta description.


Start: 43m right of BO. Crack/groove system below a terrifying roof. Pitch 1 30 m up hand crack bypassing 2 small roofs to belay in alcove at start of Bombay chimney Pitch 2 15 m out bottomless/ Bombay chimney to turn lip of roof . Belay or continue up pitch 3 Pitch 3 20 m up crack to belay at tree Pitch 4 15 m to exit traverse right 2 m then up corner and groove to large tree. From here it's a 5 m scramble up a grade 3 slab to the top

Updated the route 20 Caladan.
Updated beta description.

"The climb that Ikara is famous for and the only one that most people have heard of!" - A.Penney 1982

It is definitely Caladan with a C, a reference to Frank Herbert's Dune series.

Start: Corner below crack 33m right of T.