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Mon 21 May

Graham Dowden edited a topo, some areas and some routes at Wahroonga. 625 28 days ago

Created 1 route and 1 topo and updated 4 areas and 17 routes.

Updated the area Comenarra Parkway.

Changed name from 'The Parkway' name 'Comenarra Parkway'.

Updated node location.
Updated beta description.
Old road cutting in the Parkway. Has a bunch of old lines and some that would be nice for an afternoon out on some longer lines if they were equipped with fresh stainless. The shady south side of the main Comenarra Parkway cutting. Tall for Sydney standards, but generally poor quality rock covered in red lichen. Has some old lines of rusty carrots and a couple of trad routes.
Added beta summary.

Old south-facing cutting of dubious quality.

Added beta approach.

Park at the south-east end of the main Comenarra Parkway cutting and enter the Lorna Pass Track / National Park gate. The crag is on the right for about 50m.

To get to the top, walk up the west end. Walk back off or rap from a tree.

Updated beta history.
No details recorded? No doubt abseiled by Scouts and bolted by others in the dark ages.
Updated beta access issues.
Park in the cutting in Comenarra Parkway. Step over the access gate and you will see the wall right in front of you.
Added beta ethic.

Beware rusty carrots and suspect loose rock.

Updated the area Wahroonga.

Added reparented child 'Lorna Pass' from 'North Shore'.

Updated node location.
Updated an annotation in the area Bouldering - Courtyard, The Block, Environs and other bouldering.
Updated annotation.

There are some chipped i steps on the right end of this block that allows descent from the top. There are a number of good problems to be recorded on the right hand cave end in the future. Take a brush have a scrub and try some stuff out.

Updated an annotation in the area Bouldering - Courtyard, The Block, Environs and other bouldering.
Updated annotation.

If you turn left at the end of the sSpike bBoulder / Block then head up the hill 4 or 5m there is another slab and cave with some easy problems to be had.

Created the route 12 A Corner.

Easy corner with some stemming and good edges and ledges with solid rock despite some lichen. Tree belay at rock platform.

Could be a trad lead but not good pro.

Updated the route V2 Veronica to Arete.
Updated beta description.

Another Ttraverse. Start at Veronica and head left to the arete

Updated the route V1 FF to SS.
Updated beta description.

Another Ttraverse of the courtyard. Start at FF and head right across the slab to SS.

Updated the route V0 Orange boulder left side.
Updated the route V0 Orange boulder right side.
Updated beta description.

Up the right side. careful Be careful, some weak holds need to be knocked off to make this better.

Updated the route V0 Right End Arete.
Updated beta description.

Sit Sstart then up arête and top out.

Down climb the cut -in steps.

Updated the route V0 Spike Traverse.
Updated beta description.

Traverse the main wall of the sSpike bBoulder.

Updated the route V2 Left End Cave.
Updated the route V0 Sit Start Right.
Updated beta description.

Sit start on the Lleft then head in to jugs and up and out to sloper on face. Im 'm sure someone can link this up or extend it.

Updated the route V0 Left arm up..
Updated beta description.

Start on left of cave. jJug to start., foot up to edge, then extend let arm up to rail then move left to finish both hands on small edge.

Updated the route V3 A - Sit Start.
Updated the route V1 B.
Updated the route V2 C.
Updated the route V0 D - various V0s.
Updated the route V6 E.
Updated the route V3 F.
Updated the route V4 G.
Updated the route V4 H.