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Thu 24 May

Kobi Bennett edited some topos and some areas at Trahans cove. 100 29 days ago

Created 1 topo and updated 2 areas and 1 topo.

Updated the area Trahans cove.
Updated beta approach.

Boat access only. if you where keen you could hire a boat from palm beach and drive from there. probably 20 mins max. once at the bay Head up the creek about 50m there will be a big round boulder and find the lower cliff line on the right hand side. to get to the upper cliff, walk to the very left of the first cliff line (behind the big round boulder) where you will find a way up steep path to the top, once on the top of the cliff, walk straight up through the bush in a straight line until you get to the next cliff line. you should come out at a big cave with honey comb rock on the roof with a steep rock slope up to it. climb up the slope and go up the ledge on the left hand side and make your way up the cliff going from ledge to ledge and you should find the small bouldering overhang just before you reach the top.

Updated the area the upper cliff.
Updated beta approach.
look at the other approach for directions