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Thu 24 May

Paul Thomson logged 4 ascents from the past at Bare Rock. • 3198 27 days ago

Logged 4 ascents from the past.

23 Smoke on the Water Sport 30m — Sat 24th Mar 2018Very Good

Repeat, placing draws as a warmup. A particularly tough crux. If the rock was better on the lower section, this would be great.

27 Atomic Vampire Sport 15m — Sat 24th Mar 2018Very Good

Working lap in torrential rain. I lead as high as the water running down the face, then worked the various cruxes of the route from the top down (as the rapid progression of the water necessitated). Great progress, but out of time (and decent weather) to stick with this route this trip.

27 Vapour Trail Sport 35m — Sat 24th Mar 2018Classic

Repeat ATTEMPT in the proper, sopping, waterfall-ing, torrential rain. This route was wet wet wet, which -considering how slopey it is- made it exciting. Somehow linked -placing the draws- to near the tippy top before exploding off a particular wet hold in a particularly inglorious manner. Good training in adverse conditions. If it was cold enough, I could've ice-climbed it today.

18 Tomorrows Dream Sport 50m — Sat 31st Mar 2018Very Good

FS attempt with the predominant aim to FS the top (3rd - gr19) pitch, but got a bit rattled by a bunch of loose blocks on P2, and with my head space out-of-check, decided to bail. The end of P1 was bloody gripping in the circumstances, as was the traverse on P2, though neither were -technically- hard, they were insecure enough to be engaging.

1 16 30m
2 18 20m