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Sun 27 May

David onsighted a route and climbed 15 other routes at Arapiles and mentioned Ally and Rich. • 2070 9 Points 28 days ago

Onsighted a route, soloed 2 routes, lead 6 routes and seconded 7 routes.

10 Long Bow Trad 20mGood

awesome lead by Ally — with Ally

15 Hornpipe Trad 33mMega Classic

first climb to reacquaint myself with the rock

10 Syrinx Trad 170mVery Good

swung leads with Ally — with Ally

17 Oceanoid Trad 75mMega Classic

followed Rich up it. Great lead by Rich — with Rich

13 Muldoon Trad 42mMega Classic

Lead this to get Abby back on the rock after a long hiatus — with Abby PeacockSmith

8 Siren Trad 150mAverage

swung leads on this one. Didn't think too much of it. wouldnt do it again — with Ally

12 Bard Trad 120mClassic

ran up this after dark. Araps tradition, swung leads — with Rich

18 Skink Trad 110mMega Classic

I lead the 2 access. Gave Rich both pitches as he hadnt done it before — with Rich

5 Tiptoe Ridge Trad 120mMega Classic

Ran up this after Skink for some fun

11 The Eighth Direct Trad 96mVery Good

swung leads with Ally. surprizingly good — with Ally

17 Missing Link Trad 30mClassic

Id been waiting a few years to get on this. A stiff, cold wind howling through only made it all the more sweeter. A very satisfying tick — with Rich

13 Horn Piece Trad 33mMega Classic

followed Rich up for a Tannin warmup — with Rich

19 Tannin Trad 35mMega Classic

Followed Rich up as it was his turn to take it on. Great lead by Rich — with Rich

13 Kestrel Trad 50mMega Classic

Allys first 13 Araps Trad! Awesome lead! — with Ally

5 Tiptoe Ridge Trad 120mMega Classic

Took a wonder up by myself to enjoy the sunset.

13 Muldoon Trad 42mMega Classic

Belayed Benson up both pitches at dawn as it was his last climb of the trip. — with mark,benson