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Sun 27 May

updated some routes at Nowra. 600 22 days ago

Updated 20 routes.

Updated the route 14 Pete's Two Bob.
Updated beta description.

4 or 5 moves on incuts.

Updated the route 23 Nimby.
Updated beta description.
Somewhat desperate (for the first few moves). The first route to the right of the descent gully (facing the cliff). Originally a high boulder problem, then retrobolted. Somewhat desperate (for the first few moves). Start: The first route to the right of the descent gully (facing the cliff). Originaly a high boulder problem, then retrobolted
Updated the route 20 Layoff.
Updated beta description.

Start two metres left of SPK , moving up to follow the 5 RB's to anchor. Single U bolt lower off.

Stiff at grade 20.

Updated the route 18 Samurai Pizza Catz.
Updated beta description.

Probably the most popular route at nNowra at the grade. Great friction work.

Updated the route 17 Woderwick.
Updated beta description.

Start left of the cave as per BD.

Updated the route 11 Lucifer.
Updated beta description.

Climb into the cave then up around to the right. Then follow the ringbolts to the top. First bolt is quite high so be careful.

Updated the route 18 Velux.
Updated beta description.

Left wall of the big chimney. Up to low anchor. Funky.

Updated the route 19 Very Blunt.
Updated beta description.
l L

inks start of bBlunt into the finish of Velux, at least you can finish at the top of the cliff!

Updated the route 19 Blunt.
Updated beta description.

Climb up arete left of SLH through mini cave to same anchors as SLH. 4 Rings to top.

Updated the route 19 Euphoria.
Updated beta description.

The route left of Santas Little Helper,. uUp through steep face moves to the fin shaped hold and continue straight up.

Updated the route 15 Santa's Little Helper.
Updated beta description.
1 1/2 m right of left arete, up wall and them move left over cave and then straight up 1.5m right of the left arete. Up wall and then move left over cave and then straight up
Updated the route 17 Butt Head.
Updated beta description.

Very excellent slabbing, with a thought provoking crux.

Start: Start on the juggy bit of wall 4m right of the chimmney. Has a new second bolt to protect the ground fall.

Updated the route 16 Barbie Twins.
Updated beta description.

Very Nnice crack climb. Layback up the crack until the crux at the crack finish (3/4 up), then up holds to the RBs.

Updated the route 20 Beavis.
Updated beta description.
t T

hin and balancy slab wall right of bBarbie tTwins.

Updated the route 17 Hang On.
Updated beta description.

Start on the very right end of the terrace next to the big chimmney. Climb up past a tricky move at the first bolt, then try some left edge bridging at the 2nd roof to overcome the crux , then cruise your way up (yes 3 roofs on this one).

Updated the route 18 Hold On.
Updated beta description.

Start: 2m Mtrs right in gully finishing on "New 'Nowra' is Old nNews anchors".

Updated the route 14 Turtle Wall.
Updated beta description.

Mantle (try the right edge), Uup through cavelet, crux around 3rd rb RB and over lip onto wall. Trend right following juggy cracks on the turtle shell to ring lower-offs.

Updated the route 17 Velvetine.
Updated beta description.

Straight up as for Turtle wall, but in the cave go onto the right ledge and out right to the 2nd (or 3rd) ring bolt.

Updated the route 24 Potato Junkies.
Updated beta description.

STtart as for CJ but continue straight out of roof , exit out over roof lip and up left to anchors.

Updated the route 14 Butt Rock.
Updated beta description.

Up chimney tending left under the little roof and up the left hand groove to the anchors on 'Lucifer'.