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Wed 30 May

Lukas Oberkofler onsighted 12 routes and climbed 11 other routes at Kalymnos. • 2608 16 Points 23 days ago

Onsighted 12 routes, flashed 4 routes, top roped a route, dogged 3 routes, retreated from 2 routes and ticked a route.

6a+ Patokorfa Sport 30m

6a+ Rufixius Sport 33m

5c Sythas Sport 30m

6b Otavi Sport 18m

5c Naughty Monkey Sport 20m

6a+ Ravasaki Sport 20m

6a Idoine Sport 30m

6a L'Engeance Sport 33m

6a+ Damos Sport 20m

6a+ Wild Country Sport 270m

6a+ Parasitos Sport 18m

6b Persephone Sport 28m

6a+ Zyklop Sport 25m

6a+ Parasitos Sport 18m

6c+ 2046 Sport 20m

6b+ Macabi Sport 23m, 9

6b+ Macabi Sport 23m, 9

6a+ Orea Dana Sport 25m