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Thu 31 May

Louie Dalzell logged an ascent from the past and ticked 9 routes at Arapiles and mentioned Benjamin Goode. • 1335 18 days ago

Logged an ascent from the past and ticked 9 routes.

13 Sexless Sue Trad 20m — Sun 1st Apr 2018 — with Benjamin Goode.

1 West Ridge of Mitre Trad 100mMega Classic

The watermelon in our party nearly took a solo fall but some extra beta prevented any mishaps — with Benjamin Goode

7 The Nude Balloon Dance Trad 30mDon't Bother — with Benjamin Goode.

9 The Priest Trad 20m

7 The Deviant Trad 10m

15 Deacons Dilemma Trad 16m

11 Agamemnon Trad 40m

8 Tantalus Trad 35m