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Sat 2 Jun

Martijn van Eijkelenborg edited some topos, an area and some routes at Deep Creek. 215 18 days ago

Created 2 routes and 1 topo and updated 1 area and 1 topo.

Updated a topo for Deep Creek.
Updated an annotation in the area Deep Creek.
Added annotation.

Follow the path past the bike track boulders, take the first turn on the left, and after about 140m (at the top where the path starts going down again), you see the boulder on the right about 20 away.

Created the route V3 Bobby Short Socks.

Start as for Poppy Long Socks, move right and up.

Route history.
Created the route V6 Lizards Lip.

Start on the jug under the roof and move through the slopers along the lip to the topout.

Route history.