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Sun 3 Jun

onsighted 2 routes and red pointed 3 routes at Kangaroo Point and mentioned Daniel Cooper and Megan Holder. • 2233 15 days ago

Onsighted 2 routes and red pointed 3 routes.

14 Pentennial Romanticide Sport 18m, 5Very Good

Changing out worn clip-n-go’s. — with Daniel Cooper,Megan Holder

15 Bottle Stopper Sport 18m, 4Very Good

Sussing the lower off. Yeah pretty worn. — with Megan Holder,Daniel Cooper

16 Halva Sport 20m, 5Very Good

Putting clip-n-go’s back on. — with Megan Holder,Daniel Cooper

18 Wounded Knee Mixed 18m, 4Very Good

Yeah really cool! Take small gear only. How f**king great is onsight climbing. — with Daniel Cooper,Megan Holder

14 Cornflake Crack Trad 18mGood

Really good pro down low and actually really nice climbing (few jambs even!). Then minimal pro at the top as per description, and even the pro you do get is in ultra-choss. Rap to clean. — with Megan Holder,Daniel Cooper