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Sun 3 Jun

Ben Armstrong onsighted 5 routes and dogged 3 routes at Sand River. • 2302 15 days ago

Onsighted 5 routes and dogged 3 routes.

18 Riffraff Roof Sport 20m, 10Very Good

17 Working Class Hero's Sport 18m, 7Good

11 Via Appia Sport 10m, 5Average

Not 11.

Dan Johnson started this discussion 8 days ago.

What grade would you suggest it is?

Ben Armstrong replied 8 days ago.

I'm not sure, but I remember the direct start (where the first bolt is) being surprisingly athletic.

21 Pleb's Rusticus Sport 12m, 5Good

22 Tory Tossers Sport 11mVery Good

19 Minions Sport 12m, 6Average

18 Hoi Polloi Sport 10m, 3Good

16 Bucko Boys Sport 9m, 3Don't Bother