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Mon 4 Jun

Alex Mougenot onsighted 5 routes and climbed 25 other routes at Frog Buttress. • 2438 18 days ago

Onsighted 5 routes, red pointed 21 routes and seconded 4 routes.

The first of our 24-hour quest.

Linked with Wizard's Back.

17 Wizards Back Trad 10m

16 Winston Alley Trad 10m

16 Dunston Trad 12m

Quite nice climbing. Would be more popular with a solid clean, but will only get a solid clean if it becomes more popular ...

Ryan Siacci started this discussion 17 days ago.

I thought this was spectacularly bad!

Alex Mougenot replied 16 days ago.

Hahahah, then thank you for cleaning it for me

16 Century Trad 15m

Been wanting to do this for ages! What a great little adventure. Stepping out of that roof is sick.

16 Castor Trad 22m

18 Sacrilege Crack Trad 25m

Nice little offwidth! Bring 2 #5s.

16 Forked Tongue Trad 15m

16 Moonlighter Trad 15m

Linked with LLL. The drag was mega. Should've stuck to the arete at the top.

19 Jigsaw Trad 35m

Surprisingly tough! I thought it was a 17, 19 is more fitting. Good little climb.

Sick! Would be a cool pre-cursor to Witches Cauldron P2.

18 Harlot Trad 12m

Was going to do Quick, confusing it with Harlot, but bailed to what was actually Harlot. Climbed this much better than last time. More comfortable with runouts and armbars, I think.

18 Witches Covert Trad 12m

19 Humility Trad 15m

Slinging the piton is so enjoyable.

15 Rest Area Ahead Trad 10m

18 Gladiator Trad 17m

Solid work by Dan to punch this out at something like 1am after 12 other pitches.

Ryan Siacci started this discussion 17 days ago.

Awesome work guys. Jelly!!

Alex Mougenot replied 16 days ago.

Thanks Shabbi!

replied 16 days ago.

Feel free to come back whenever you get bored mate. There's still a handful of Frog bushwalks I've yet to convince anyone else to accompany me on...

Ryan Siacci replied 16 days ago.

Hahaha believe it or not, i still get frog fomo over here...

Alex Mougenot replied 15 days ago.

Look at theCrag doesn't count, Shabbi

18 Plume Trad 25m

20 Termination Trad 18m

17 Micron Trad 20m

18 Elastic RURP Trad 20m

Perfect line to cap off a great day's climbing with Peatey!