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Mon 4 Jun

Graham Dowden updated an area and some routes at Coogee. 250 16 days ago

Updated 1 area and 7 routes.

Updated the area North Coogee.
Updated beta description.
North Coogee was once a fun place to climb but sadly this sea side crag has been left to rot. The crag unfortunately seeps quite often creating poor climbing conditions. The protection for one of the routes (which one?) seems to be in decent condition but the chains at the top should not be used and really should be removed altogether. North Coogee was once a fun place to climb but sadly this sea-side crag has been left to rot. It often unfortunately seeps, which along with driven spindthrift from huge seas, and the remnants of a former sewer outlet, creates poor climbing conditions. Old bolts of course have all rusted, and chains at the top of one climb should be removed.

One thing this crag does have going for it is a great view of the ocean - with Coogee beach , pub and coffee shops are only a 5 minute walk away down the hill.

Chalk up, climb on and live the dream!

Updated beta approach.
Park your car in either Baden Street or Arcadia Street, Coogee. At the northern end of Coogee beach you'll find a public rock pool, walk past this and follow the cliff line around to the crag. Get to Baden or Arcadia St, Coogee and head east. Make sure you plan your climbing trip here for when it's low tide and small swells. Make sure you plan your investigations a low tide and small swells.
Added beta history.

Two 23s and a couple of others are recorded in the 1991 Sydney and the Sea Cliffs Rock supplement.

Added beta access issues.

Conduct your own Risk Assessment, then chose whether to blithely rap off sundry rusted carrots on the lip, rope down the horrid rubbish-shute gully to the north, or if supremely derisive of your own Occupational Health and Safety, bungy off the pole of the "DANGER DO NOT GO NEAR THE EDGE" sign. Alternatively paddle in and conduct a seal landing or other amphibious assault. However, walking around the cliff base from the beach is definitely not recommended, as are any activities during high tides and huge seas.

Updated the route M2 Pigeon Poo.
Updated the route 12 A.
Updated the route 23 Dry Reachin'.
Added beta description.

Start: 25 left of (old?) sewer outlet on edge of buttress.

Newer stainless FH visible next to rusted carrot from top, yet beware the wonders of galvanic corrosion.

Updated the route 16 Into the Shit.
Added beta description.

Start: 4m right of "Dry Reachin'" Up and diagonally left to the third BR thereof.

Updated the route 10 Louie the Fly.
Added beta description.

"Straight from rubbish tip to you"

Overhanging start and easy corner right of "Into the Shit".

Updated the route 23 Punks in the Pub.

Changed number of bolts from '3' to '4'.

Added beta description.

"The muddy, greasy wall 25m right of the shit outlet"

Updated the route 20 Over exposed.