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Tue 5 Jun

Marc de Maillard pink pointed a route and climbed 5 other routes at Waterval Boven. • 2153 15 days ago

Pink pointed a route, top roped a route and dogged 4 routes.

19 Doom Sport 10Very Good — with Jethro whatson.

19 The Winnebago Smile Sport 12Good — with Jethro whatson.

25 Task Saturated Sport 8Very Good — with Jethro whatson.

21 Dead Ant Sport 10Very Good

Beta intensiv going right — with Jethro whatson

21 Dead Ant Sport 10Very Good

Got all the moves, but messed up the sequence — with Jethro whatson

21 Precision Feather Sport 12Classic

Un sent the chain move twice :-( — with Jethro whatson