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Sat 9 Jun

Ryan Parker onsighted 2 routes and climbed 4 other routes at Calabogie and mentioned . • 1504 13 days ago

Onsighted 2 routes, flashed a route, pink pointed a route, top roped a route and dogged a route.

5.6 Little Flo Sport 16m, 6Good — with Andy Gnarr.

5.7 The Reacharound Mixed 15m, 1Good — with Andy Gnarr.

5.10a Head Banger Mixed 14m, 4Classic — with Andy Gnarr.

5.10b Bad Roady Mixed 14m, 5Good — with Andy Gnarr.

5.6 Ain't no wifey Sport 12m, 4Average — with Andy Gnarr.

5.6 Calabogie Sunset Mixed 15m, 3Don't Bother — with Andy Gnarr.