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Mon 11 Jun

Reagen Tieleman onsighted a route and pink pointed 3 routes at Mt Tibrogargan and mentioned Kerrod McKay. • 2764 13 days ago

Onsighted a route and pink pointed 3 routes.

22 Slider Sport 16m, 7Very Good

Great to be back out, took it pretty easy but felt really good. Never a huge fan of the first 2 bolts but it is classic after that. The Loose block also feels like it is getting worse, just felt it rather than using it, would be good for this to be removed or glued. — with Kerrod McKay

22 Slider Sport 16m, 7Very Good — with Kerrod McKay.

23 Squealer Sport 18m, 6Mega Classic

Fav problem in QLD so far, flows from start to finish. found an easier clipping sequence for the last bolt and didn't feel to pumped on finishing so stocked there. — with Kerrod McKay

21 Overseer Sport 27m, 11Very Good

lots and lots of rope drag by then end but its like doing 2 routes in 1. A good warm up for the area and gets a nice little bit of pump towards the end. — with Kerrod McKay