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Wed 13 Jun

Scott Godwin first ascent of a route at Freycinet National Park. • discuss 7 days ago

First ascent of a route.

19 Wedgies vs Sea Eagles Trad 30mVery Good

I've had this on the list of things to do for quite a while. We took advantage of the perfect sea conditions to go and have a little adventure. Even with the almost non-existent swell there was quite a bit of wash on the sloping eastern side of the island, so we clambered up the sheltered landward side and hauled the kayaks up onto a ledge. I spooged out of the offwidth crux and ended up pulling through on the gear, so I'd call it about 19 M1. Its still there for anyone who wants to free it properly. On the paddle back into Bluestone Bay we witnessed a territorial dispute between a family of wedgies and a pair of white bellied sea eagles. — with Laura

started this discussion 8 days ago.

This sounds like a sweet little adventure!

Scott Godwin replied 7 days ago.

Yeah it was good fun, and probably the best weather I've ever experienced at Freycinet. The sea was like glass, and I was climbing shirtless in the sun. In June!