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Thu 14 Jun

Chris L onsighted 5 routes and seconded 2 routes at Freycinet National Park and mentioned Jed Parkes. • 2302 10 days ago

Onsighted 5 routes and seconded 2 routes.

22 Breakout Mixed 35m, 1Classic

Crazy good. Worth working for the send — with Jed Parkes,larissa

18 Harlequin Trad 28mClassic — with Jed Parkes, larissa.

17 Deep Water Trad 25mVery Good

Beautiful climb with amazing gear. Ten and a half stars — with Jed Parkes,Larissa

18 Step Aside Trad 25mVery Good — with abbey, Sinead.

15 Cordon Bleu Trad 25mVery Good

Tricky jamming for the grade. — with abbey,Sinead

16 Road To Ruin Trad 25m — with abbey, Sinead.

Bit run out through the top half/crux. More enjoyable on top rope I reckon — with abbey,Sinead