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Fri 15 Jun

Grant Bateman red pointed a route and logged 7 ascents from the past at Mt Coolum. • 3484 3 days ago

Red pointed a route and logged 7 ascents from the past.

25 Crazy Horny Sport 10m, 4 — Wed 4th Apr 2018Good

Second Go - Didn't enjoy this climb that much as I found it super sharp & a bit of a grovel. I wasn't moving great though & that never helps

25 Hung Like A Fruit Bat Sport 8m, 5 — Tue 27th Feb 2018Good

Second Go - Crazy style of climbing, 3D, kneebars & worse than expected holds

28 Spoonman Sport 20m, 11 — Sun 20th May 2018Very Good

The most fun route yet at Coolum, moves are starting to become awesome!!

26 Three Men and A Ladder Sport 10m, 5 — Wed 18th Apr 2018Good

Took quite a few goes to work out that ending, glad I kept working it, feel like I've learned more about knee bars by doing so.

27 Separation Anxiety Sport 8m, 5Very Good

Second Go - Not much to look at but a route that climbs super well, pretty much just 2 boulder problems with a marginal rest between, fun stuff

26 Screaming Insanity Sport 15m, 9 — Tue 27th Feb 2018Very Good

Second Go - Pumped to hell by the lack of kneebar ability. So shocked I got it, crazy pumped slapping for the last 5 moves

24 Has It Got a Chevy Motor? Sport 12m, 7 — Mon 16th Apr 2018Very Good

Was pumped all over the place last time, came back, had a good warm up, did it first go putting draws in - easy when you know how!

26 Wholly Calamity Sport 20m, 12 — Sat 5th May 2018Very Good

Really worth the extra draws, more good moves gaining height up the cave