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Sat 16 Jun

edited a topo and some routes at Calabogie. 220 4 weeks ago

Created 2 routes and 1 topo and updated 2 routes.

Created the route 5.6 G Addition to Tradition.

Originally named '(unknown trad route)'.


Just left of Cream Puff is a large roof with a slab below it, and the left side of the slab is a corner, start up the corner.

Climb the corner to the roof, traverse rightwards under the roof to the end of the roof, then pull up onto the slab. Angle up and rightwards to the anchors for "Cream Puff".

Created the route (unknown closed project).

A few meters left of Cream Puff some bolts head up a couple of overhangs -- currently (June 2018), the first bolt is red-tagged.

Updated the route 5.0 Easy Way Down 4.
Updated beta description.

There is a fixed rope to assist climbers here to provide easy access to to the base/top of the cliff.

If you hike all the way to the Eagles Nest Lookout, you have overshot this way down. It is about 200m -300m back along the cliff, and down one scramble band.

Updated the route 5.8 Trdlo.

Changed route grade from '5.9' to '5.8'.

Added beta description.

Sign at the bottom says,"Trdlo 5.9T".