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Thu 21 Jun

Neil Monteith updated a topo and some routes at Mt Ngungun. 170 26 days ago

Updated 2 routes and 1 topo.

Updated the route 28 Idaho Sunshine (Link-up).

Changed name from 'Idaho Sunshine' name 'Idaho Sunshine (Link-up)'.

Updated beta description.
Link up.

Climb as for BFI, but punch left into Acid's main crux at the second last bolt. Bring Popeye's stash of pump coins.

Updated the route 26 LSD (Link-up).

Changed name from 'LSD' name 'LSD (Link-up)'.

Updated beta description.
Link up.

Climb Acid to it's second last bolt, then head straight up through the corner feature that is the last section of BFI, passing a FH to final mantle. Avoids the cruxes of Acid and BFI. The antithesis to Idaho Sunshine.