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Fri 22 Jun

Neil Monteith updated some areas and some routes at Blue Mountains. 240 25 days ago

Updated 3 areas and 14 routes.

Updated the area Atlantis.
Updated node location.
Added beta description.

Some of the bolts are working themselves loose so take care. If you want to do the easy climbs above the 'Dust Bowl' you will need to climb either 'Hillbilly' or 'He-Man'

Added beta summary.

A lost world. Protected from the wind and sunny. Good for mid winter. Can be hot as hell in the summer!

Added beta approach.

Drive - From Blackheath drive east down Hat Hill Rd for 3.5km (past the new housing estate) and turn left at the next road - Godson Ave. Drive 350m and park in dirt pullout on the right at the road bend at GPS -33.6137, 150.3158.

Walk - north down overgrown firetrail (as of June 2018 there is small orange fence and asbestos sign blocking the start of the trail - just jump over it). 100m down this firetrail from the carpark, look for for small rock cairn on left marking the start of the climber trail. Follow this 500m along flat ground then down open ridge and eventually down below first small cliff then right around the small cliff to pick up track again. Fixed ropes down second small cliff, then right under cliff and above Hat Hill Creek. Continue past first 3 routes for 15m to steel rungs. All up its no more than a 15 minute walk from carpark to first route.

Updated an annotation in the area Atlantis.
Added annotation.

Up the rungs, then traverse right along fixed rope on sketchy ledge (clip in!) to larger ledge.

Updated an annotation in the area Atlantis.
Added annotation.

The first few routes are on a grey slab that you pass on the approach track - just before the access rungs leading up to the main cave itself. You can actually climb any of these routes and belay at the top and bring up your second rather than doing the rungs.

Updated the route 25 Herminator.
Updated the route 23 Highside.
Updated the route 24 Hoderlump.
Updated the route 23 Hysteresis.
Updated the route 22 Histrionix.
Updated the route 24 Hisbollah.
Updated the route 24 Hillbilly.
Updated the route 26 He-Man.
Updated the route 28 She Male.
Updated the route 29 The Fat Controller.
Updated the route 26 Nancy Boy.
Updated the route 24 R Leftism.
Updated the route 27 Forever Midnight.
Updated the route 18 Funk Soul Brother.