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Tue 26 Jun

Andy Sparks onsighted a route and climbed 7 other routes at Calabogie. • 1811 22 days ago

Onsighted a route, red pointed a route, lead 5 routes and seconded a route.

5.7 Stage Right Sport 4Good

5.8 Tree Hugger Sport 16m, 6Good

5.9 Boulder Dash Sport 15m, 5Very Good

5.9 Moje Zlato Sport 15m, 5Good

5.10a Hakuna-Matata Sport 15m, 4Very Good

5.6 Awkward Overhangs Sport 11m, 7Good

5.6 Pull Up Sport 18m, 5Good

5.7 Phasers on Kill Trad 16mGood