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Fri 29 Jun

o_g logged 2 ascents from the past at Bare Rock. • 2933 17 days ago

Logged 2 ascents from the past.

24 Heaven Can Wait Sport 30m, 14 — Sun 17th Jun 2018Very Good

Climbed it first go today putting on the draws (kept falling of for a whole day last time I was on it). Shows the benefit of being warmed up and knowing the route. Classic climbing, really sustained, and pretty easy to fall of in lots of places. — with ryan

26 Velvet Morning Sport 30m, 14 — Sun 17th Jun 2018

Worked my way up trying the moves. Can do all the moves on the steep section, but doubt Id be fit enough to link them. Stunningly good climbing. Even get to deadpoint to a fingerlock. Sweet. — with ryan