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Fri 29 Jun

o_g logged 4 ascents from the past and climbed 4 other routes at Sand River. • 2948 19 days ago

Logged 4 ascents from the past, onsighted 2 routes and red pointed 2 routes.

17 The Arsonist Sport 12mGood

Sweet rock and moves. — with harps

17 Lucifer Sport 18mGood

I thought this was pretty good value! Interesting positions, and a bit of route finding. Sweet. — with harps

12 Deputy Warden Sport 8m, 5Good — with harps.

14 The Towering Inferno Sport 18m, 11Good — with harps.

23 A Bridge to Far Sport 12m, 6 — Mon 4th Jun 2018Good

Fun climbing. Hard to grade. Hardest move is probably getting of the ground.

11 Via Appia Sport 10m, 5 — Sat 2nd Jun 2018Average — with roger.

21 Pleb's Rusticus Sport 12m, 5 — Sat 2nd Jun 2018Good

Really enjoyable moves. Seemed pretty unlikely launching into the crux, but came together nicely. — with roger

24 The Plebeian Sport 22m, 13 — Sat 2nd Jun 2018Very Good

Repeat. Might only be 23, but I have done it a few times not and know the sequence, so who knows....