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Fri 29 Jun

Brynn Clayton flashed a route and climbed 3 other routes at Grampians. • 2487 19 days ago

Flashed a route, lead a route, attempted a route and ticked a route.

20 Blimp Trad 39mClassic

Probably less than 35m, Grampians climbing book has it at 25m

12 Scarab Trad 59mGood

Got the rope stuck in every belay ledge, ruined a cam and couldn't retrieve the ropes from the rappell. Had to come back the morning after. I'm sure the climb is good, but I'm never doing it again

18 We Don't Like Slopes Pitch 1 Sport 25m, 8Good

24 We Don't Like Slopes Mixed 36m, 11Very Good