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Mon 2 Jul

Kobi Bennett edited some topos, some areas and some routes at Treharne cove. 195 17 days ago

Created 1 area and 1 topo and updated 1 area, 2 routes and 1 topo.

Created the area the lower cliff.
Updated node location.

bad quality rock but still has good routes


sandy, wet and loose


from the beach its a short 50m walk up the creek and you will see the cliff line on your right

Updated the area Treharne cove.
Updated the route V1 cooko.

Changed name from 'slab 1' name 'cooko'.

Updated beta description.
left of slab 2
Updated the route V3 avocado aficionado.

Changed name from 'slab 2' name 'avocado aficionado'.