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Fri 6 Jul

Scrumpy logged 7 ascents from the past and climbed 4 other routes at Morna point. • 2905 12 days ago

Logged 7 ascents from the past, onsighted 3 routes and red pointed a route.

14 Lobster Trap Sport 7m — Sat 23rd Jun 2018Good

20 Hammerhead Sport 10m, 2 — Sat 23rd Jun 2018Good

Stayed too far right at the top and took a big whip from right next to the anchors and smashed my heal on the block at the bottom, make sure your belayer is on the ball mine wasn’t !! Ouch. Straight up second shot

19 Sea Whores Sport 10m — Sat 23rd Jun 2018Good

22 Wobbygong Sport 10m — Sat 23rd Jun 2018Good

Had to bailout as my heal was killing me from the earlier mishap

20 Hail to the Thief Sport 10m — Tue 26th Jun 2018Average

20 Flash Your Lips Sport 15m, 5 — Tue 26th Jun 2018Very Good

Pumped off the traverse on the onsight trying to work out which way to go up, went to top took draws off on the way down ( except anchors) and went up next shot. Great climb

20 Octopussy Sport 10m — Tue 26th Jun 2018Very Good

Had a few shots but couldn’t stick the crux as the holds were still a bit wet.

20 Octopussy Sport 10mVery Good

Straight up first shot of the morning, really enjoyed this climb

19 Toadfish Sport 15mGood

Tough start

Great climb, loved the airiness at the top

Lots of seeping