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Sun 8 Jul

onsighted 2 routes and climbed 5 other routes at Argolis. • 2231 8 days ago

Onsighted 2 routes, flashed 2 routes and dogged 3 routes.

5c Hou Hou Sport 15mCrap

With fear of falling due to rusty bolts, I had to take a rest. — with M

5b+ Tiryntha Sport 15m, 7Average

Next to the church area. Nothing special, but nice for warmup — with M

5c+ Amphitryon SportGood

Back to one of the best crags I have ever been.

Glad to onsight 5c+ — with M

6a Da Bosco Sport 25mGood

Took one nice fall and a rest. The only bad thing is that the most "runout" (ok not a really big runout!, just comparing with others there) part is the crux. — with M

5c Alkmene Sport 25mGood

After 6a try, I wanted something softer. Alkmene was just that! — with Brevetoskylo

5c Apple Strudel Sport 18m, 12Average

The bolts of the route are a bit confusing (going zig-zag) so I could not read the route well. I had a big fall, but on that part I was on the right while later I figured that I should be on the left. — with M

5b+ Klod Sport 25mGood

Last one for calm down. A lot of pockets especially on the upper part — with M