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Fri 13 Jul

Jared Tyerman edited a topo, some areas and some routes at Cairns. 140 3 days ago

Created 2 routes and updated 2 areas and 1 topo.

Updated a topo for Mr T Boulder.
Updated the area Turtle Cove / Ratchet Bay.

Added alternate name 'Pretty Beach'.

Updated beta approach.
Drive 40 minutes North from Cairns to just before Turtle cove or turn into Turtle Cove and do a U-Turn to the pullover bay South of Turtle Cove. Park at -16.631154, 145.552420 and walk track to beach. Walk along shore line North and keep walking for a max of 3.5km for all boulder problems, or max 1km South (from track) for a few others. Otherwise only a few hundred metres North to Turtle Cove for enough for a weekend worth of climbing or more! Drive 40 minutes north from Cairns to just before Turtle Cove Resort (TCR), or turn into TCR and do a U-Turn to then drive to the south pullover bay located at -16.631154, 145.552420 and walk track to beach. Walk around headland north for most boulders, or around south headland for the others (all have their perks). Alternatively drive (or walk) a max of 3.5km northward or 1km south (from track and pull over bay) for all boulders along this coastal stretch. The north most boulder problems can be accessed by a pull in drive located at -16.620186, 145.542514 where cars can be parked and a dirt track will take you to Pretty Beach. Walk north or south here, southward has the most boulders as well as leads back to Turtle Creek Beach and TCR. North has a handful as well that are worth the look. Plenty of exploring to do.
Updated beta description.

A mecca for bouldering north of Cairns. Beautiful camping on the beach or rocks, beautiful rocks to match of all features and types, 'smooth with some grit' and perfect perfected granite. Pristine part of the Far North.

Updated beta summary.
Stunning beach bouldering offering high Vs, High Balls, and perfect smooth and sometimes hardly featured Granite Boulders Stunning beach bouldering offering hard and intermidiate climbing, some high balls and perfect smooth and well featured, yet at times hardly featured, granite boulders.
Updated beta history.
Otherwise known as Ratchet Bay
Updated beta access issues.

Steep track from parking bay, be sure to follow the track where it darts and not over any cliff edges. Track ends through shrub the scrub onto the beach.

Updated the area James' new area.

Changed name from 'James new area' name 'James' new area'.

Created the route V4 Direct 1.
Route history.
  • First Ascent: Hugo Leroy

Created the route V4 Direct 2.
Route history.
  • First Ascent: Hugo Leroy