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Sat 14 Jul

onsighted a route and climbed 4 other routes at Kangaroo Point and mentioned Caitlyn Saltmarsh. • 2603 2 days ago

Onsighted a route, red pointed 3 routes and top roped a route.

8 Spidermonkey Sport 15m, 8Good

Setting up top for the fam.

12 Hanging Garden Sport 15m, 3Good

Setting up top rope for the fam.

16 Moonlight Dilemma Sport 15m, 5Very Good

Setting up top rope for the fam.

22 Piles Sport 17m, 6Classic

Finally got it. Had a feeling it would go on this attempt such a classic!!! — with Caitlyn Saltmarsh

14 Spooge In A Glove Sport 15m, 4Very Good

Cleaning the top rope set up. — with Caitlyn Saltmarsh