Logging ascents - new interface

As a supporter you are granted early access to selected new features on theCrag. See here for more information. The new ticking interface is currently available to supporters only for beta testing. This help article describes what it does and what it does not do yet. Please report all suggestions and issues in the Release Forum.

Accessing the new interfaceRetourner aux contenus

The new interface is currently only available from area pages by clicking on the menu right of the route name and selecting “New Ticking”.

New Ascent Logging UI

General functionalityRetourner aux contenus

The new ticking interface allows you to log ascents of any route registered on theCrag.The interface presents you with similar fields as the standard log ascent interface but with the following improvements:

New Ascent Logging UI

  • The date fetches the current local date from your client
  • The “Who with” logic is improved and remembers fellow users and non-users during the same session (and for the next)
  • Tick types are presented for easier selection (see also “Functions not yet available”)
  • The route quality can be selected from the list of icons
  • The “Advanced Fields” section allows for private ascent comments
  • You can now override the route name and grade
  • You can now override the route gear style, meaning you can for example free climb (eg trad) an aid route (ascent gear style).
  • The interface loops you through all routes selected for ticking.
  • Once you are done ticking, the system presents you with a summary of your ascenst with some basic statistical information.

Functions missingRetourner aux contenus

Contrary to the current log ascents interface you can not yet log multi pitch routes (individual pitches).

Future plansRetourner aux contenus

Before releasing the interface to the general public theCrag intends to add the following functionality:
  • Logging of multi pitch routes with individual pitches
  • Improved logic and clean up of tick types per gear style
  • Improved matching of gear styles, ascent gear styles and tick type matching (eg top roping a boulder)
  • Introduction of ascent parameters such as “gear on”, “climbed with knee pad”, “climbed with crack glove”

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