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Cotation Voie Style d'escalade Popularité
V2 Duff Beer

Stand start with obvious left hand hold and right hand side-pull. Cool start with sketchy top out. Hasn't been topped, open.

V1 Treehouse of Horror

Sit start in the crack underneath the bat poo. Follow to the top. Plentiful face features throughout.

Bloc 5m
V1 The B-Sharps

Sit start and head up the offwidth crack with good edges throughout.

There is no escape from the fortress of the moles

Is this caving? Squeeze test through the crack and exit at the back. Floor of the crack is off. Smaller frames may find this easy.

Quimby 2020 (Open)

Sit start with feet in the back of the cave, right hand on side-pull and left hand on the 'jug'. Move up the chungus arete. Tough, Open

BlocProject 4m

Affichant les 5 voies total.

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