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Cotation Voie Style d'escalade Popularité
Kangaroo Point KP North
18 Untitled Route

This obscure route is located on a small wall on the left side of the old Navy Stores building (Now perhaps Riverlife?). Two dodgy FH's lead the way up a series of good edges.

FA: 1995

Trad 10m
24 International Man of Mystery

FA: Chris O'Neill & Peter Stebbins, 1999

Trad 11m
25 Mutant Sea Bass

FA: Peter Stebbins & Chris O'Neill, 1999

Trad 10m
14 Trash Thrash

A rather interesting excursion up the small red corner. At two thirds height step right and finish up easy ground.

FA: Jonathon Dwyer & Michael Woodrow, 1985

Trad 14m
18 Dazed and Confused

Up the crack and pipe hole with difficulty to a BR. Push past this with difficulty to an easy finish over blocks.

FA: Tony Young & Michael Woodrow, 1985

Trad 14m
21 Boys, Bolts and Balls Ups

Hard and sustained climbing up the chipped pockets past two BR's leads to easier ground and the top. Quite undergraded.

FA: Richard Henderson & Scott Camps, 1986

Sportive 14m
AID:A1+ Magic Carpet Ride

Contrived. Up Spack Attack then traverse right and hook up edges to top.

FA: Fraser Chetterton & Matt Tatham, 1996

Artif 14m
22 Spack Attack

A direct finish was done by Paul Hoskins at about 25. The name was a tribute to Moira who had her leg broken in an accident on Crookneck. Up the delicate face left of RIAC to a crack then up past two BR's. At the second BR trend left and up to finish. Very sustained.

FA: Michael Woodrow & Jonathan Dwyer, 1985

Sportive 14m
23 RIC

Up wall trending left past two BR's to Tode Mode's ledge. Finish up Tode Mode's crack to top. A barbed wire fence once existed below this climb making falls a scary proposition!

FA: Michael Woodrow & Jonathan Dwyer, 1985

Trad 11m
24 Tode Mode

Very hard edging and bridging up face and crack past a BR leads to a small ledge. Place pro in crack and crank up to top and chain.

FA: Roger Bourne, 1985

Trad 11m
20 The New Order

Clip BR from ground and boulder up. Mantle sloping hold and continue up the nice arete past another two BR's to an easy finish.

FA: Saul Squires & Dave Whitworth, 1993

Sportive 11m
23 A Dingo Got My Floater

Contrived. Up Gash Flash VS then continue up the arete placing gear in the Gash Flash crack.

FA: Roger Bourne, Even Bieske & Andrew Barry, 1984

Trad 11m
23 Gash Flash (Variant Start)

Contrived. Up the thin wall left of the corner to a notch in the wall at five metres. Traverse right and finish up the original line.

FA: Roger Bourne, 1984

FA: Solo Roger Bourne, 1984

Trad 11m
17 Gash Flash

Difficult bridging up a dark corner leads to an enjoyable layback and an easy finish. Tree belay. Try this one before visiting Frog!

FA: Andrew Barry, Roger Bourne & Evan Bieske, 1984

Trad 11m
16 Return of the Mankhouse

Start five metres right of the obvious corner. Up the short crack left of the arete then continue up ledges to top.

FA: Reynold Cope & Paul McAntee, 1986

Trad 13m
17 R Jets Over Jordon

Start at the small buttress left of the previous climb. Up bulging cracks to a stance. Up unprotected crap rock to top.

FA: Nick Heywood, 1985

Trad 10m
17 Endoplasmic Exterminator (Variant Start)

The chossy start left of the original.

FA: Darren Holloway & Jonathon Dwyer, 1985

Trad 20m
14 R Endoplasmic Exterminator

Mick Woodrow's first FA... ignominious! Crap climbing in between vertical dirt. Start ten metres before the cliff turns left. Up blocks to a grassy ledge. Up and left to the manky corner and climb this to the dirty top.

FA: Michael Woodrow & Eddie Irvine, 1984

Trad 20m
14 M1 AID:A1 R Garbage

Possibly the worst excuse for a climb at 'Kangaroo Point'. Neil merely used this climb as an extended test block for his newly purchased hand-drill and etriers. On the same day he had to rescue a lost student who decided to solo up the white choss to get to TAFE.

Start several metres left of large white landslide at BR. Up mank to ledge and BR. Up corner above past dodgy aid bolt and BR to below crack. Aid up this to ledge and BR. Scramble up dirt ledges to top. Possibly the same climb as Endoplasmic Exterminator?

FA: Monty Curtis, 1996

Artif 25m
20 Foreplay

Start as for Foreclosure. Climb to the small rooflet, traverse left and then up into seam crack. Bridge and stem up the seam crack and left wall until a mantle rejoins you with Foreclosure. Finish up arete as per Foreclosure.

FA: Matthew Robbins & hipyhop, 18 Juil 2020

Trad mixte 20m, 3
19 Foreclosure

Up easy, loose crack under roof (will clean up with traffic) to a ring bolt then up to a nice crack with good gear. Continue up crack for a few moves to grassy ledge. Climb onto the arete past two ring bolts and up to DBB. Unique climbing for KP with a few different styles of climbing involved.

FA: Unknown ('s), 1980

Trad mixte 20m, 3
21 Foreclosure of a Dream

Up easy crack to below the roof. Layback out right onto small ledge and climb nice crack to grassy ledge. Up sustained wall on right of sharp arete to loose top.

FA: Monty Curtis & Simon Hennig (TR), 1993

Moulinette 20m
19 Forever Gumby

FA: Steve MacGillivray & Geoff Baker, 2000

Sportive 18m, 5
24 Miasma

FA: Lee Cujes, 1999

Sportive 20m, 4
18 GR

Up the face to a knife-blade arete. Up this to a drill hole and finish.

FA: Unknown

Sportive 20m, 7
17 EC

Now retro bolted. 5 ring bolts to a set of anchors.

FA: Unknown ('s), 1970

Sportive 20m, 5
16 Dynamite

FFA: Zac Trembath-Pitham & Josiah Hess

Sportive 15m, 4
15 In the Middle of a Dream

FFA: Josiah Hess & zac

Sportive 15m, 4
14 Smooth Sailing

FFA: Zac Trembath-Pitham & Josiah Hess

Sportive 15m, 4
19 R Suicidal Tendency

Not pretty and not popular. Neil's first ever new route. Up wall with hard reach move to jug and FH. Up loose thin crack (rock #1) then reach left to flake and FH. Up blocky ledges (FH) then mantle onto ledge and traverse right to chain. Bold and loose between first and second FH.

FA: Monty Curtis & Simon Hennig, 1993

Trad 13m
14 AID:A2 R Initial Adustment

Simon and Neil intially adjusted about two tonnes of loose rock off this route before roping up for the first ascent. It was top-roped originally at grade 17, ignored for many years (for good reasons) then Neil came back and aided and drilled his way up for practice one afternoon. The remaining hangerless bolts are questionable!

Start at initials 'IA' left of OLBDNSWD. Locate thin crack. Aid up this on small to medium wires to below vegetated ledge. Matnel this (BR) to rest. Up right past aid bolt to another mantle onto a small ledge below smooth headwall and BR. Aid up the wall past three more aid bolts then traverse directly left to 'ST's chain. Rap off. Warning - bolts may be very weak by now.

FA: Monty Curtis, 1993

Artif 15m
24 Ode to the Lesser Breasted Droopy Nippled Screeching Wood Duck

Start 2m left of Rear Entry. Up thin face passing two RB's to a good hold. Up and left (RB) on small holds (crux) to big hold and RB. Over small roof to chain. Short climb but a long name!

FA: Edwardo Irvine & Darren Holloway, 1988

Sportive 16m, 4
21 Rear Entry

More joy. Up past a RB then traverse slightly right and up to small ledge. Clip high RB and fire straight up the improbable looking wall to another RB. Traverse left and up to below block. Clip final RB and jug up to chain.

FA: Andrew Barry & Robbie Allen, 1984

Sportive 20m
23 R Fowl Deeds in the Chookhouse

Yes! Hard start protected by a RB. Push over bulge to another RB and thin face. Clip another RB and push onwards to clip fourth RB and grasp the hefty undercling. Continue up carefully to another RB and chain above.

FA: Andrew Barry, 1984

Sportive 20m, 5
20 Wallbanger

Boulder the start passing a BR to a ledge (small wire). Up past a BR to the overhung corner (PR or small wires). Finish up the corner to loose top, or keep to the left arete for a better finish.

FA: Andrew Barry, 1984

Trad mixte 20m, 2
19 Call the Cops

Start just right of Wallbanger. Five RB's to chain.

FA: Dave Whitworth & Darrin Carter, 1996

Sportive 15m, 5
18 Trolly's Triumph

The line of rings to the left of the corner. Straight up wall to hard move on slab and anchors. Original finish somewhat encroached upon by shotcrete.

FA: Geoff Baker & Michelle Spuler, 1997

Sportive 17m, 5
21 Where's Rocky?

FA: Geoff Baker & Michelle Spuler, 1997

Sportive 17m
22 Oh Mighty Gumby

Good, continuous climbing. Currently shares anchors with Lord Gumby but will have its own soon.

FA: Steve MacGillivray & Geoff Baker, 1997

Sportive 17m, 6
21 Lord Gumby

Rebolted. 5 ring bolts lead the way. ( glue on 5th bolt didn’t set. Will be fixed asap)

FA: Steve MacGillivray & Geoff Baker, 1997

Sportive 17m, 5
18 Gumby's Demise

FA: Geoff Baker & Steve MacGillivray, 1997

Sportive 17m
14 Bum Full' Pikers V

Historical: At the 3rd BR of A Bum Full of Fists, go right up angled corner to top past BR.

FA: Monty Curtis, 1996

Sportive 16m
16 A Bum Full of Fists

Description added for historical value: 2016 council works have now completely changed this classic route. Obvious arete left of stairs. Start up face (BR) to small ledge. Up loose corner on jugs passing a BR, drill hole sling, then a BR. Reach left around arete to clip BR and swing left and up overhang (crux) to slab (BR). Up this placing a wire in crack to top.

FA: Evan Bieske, Roger Bourne & Andrew Barry, 1984

Sportive 20m, 5
Kangaroo Point Left Main Wall
2 I Tick Stairs ('cause I'm a Loser)

Just in case you feel the need to tick an ascent of the stone stairs at the L end of 'Left Main Wall'.

Sportive 40m
13 Short Stack

Buried somewhere in the vegetation L of 'Crap Corner'.

FA: Matthew Bone & Lara Masselos, 2006

Trad 10m
15 Crap Corner

Start 1m L of 'Earth to Stella'.

Probably not an ironic name. Climb up face to crack at L side of the 'ETS' pillar. Follow crack as it widens and tends R to finish at top of pillar. Shares the 'ETS' DBB.

FFA: Paul Lester, 1996

Trad 10m
21 Earth to Stella

Start at base of 10m pillar, about 5m R of bottom of the stone stairs.

Fun pumpy moves up L face of pillar past 2 BRs. Finish on top of pillar at DBB.

FFA: Phil Lawlor & Maree Spinaze, 1995

Sportive 10m, 2
18 R A Quickie Before Dinner

Start 1m R of 'Earth to Stella'.

Straight up R face of the 'ETS' pillar past 2 BRs and finish on top of pillar at the 'ETS' DBB. The bolts are a bit too spaced resulting in a dodgy 2nd clip.

FFA: ross ferguson, 2001

Sportive 10m, 2
21 Devined

Start below steep smooth face about 10m R of 'Earth to Stella' pillar.

Climb series of cracks offering good natural pro to finish at DBB. No mantling or escaping R to ledges. Will need to be de-vined again before the next ascent!

FA: Lee Cujes & Erik Smits, 1999

Trad 10m
25 More Bolts Than Metres

Start about 15m L of Web.

Consists of two hard moves left of the bolts. Short, contrived boulder problem on rope, would be a boulder route if the landing was better. Up between small flat aprons on thin edges passing 2 RBs and finishing at DBB.

FA: Brendan Fraser, Craig Pohlman & Mark McMahon, 2005

Sportive 7m, 2
22 More Bolts Than Metres RHV

Start as for MBTM then at the first bolt traverse right. Climbing on the right side of the bolts all the way to the chains. This creates a easier variant to MBTM.

Sportive 7m, 2
17 Web

Start about 10m L of 'Olos'. Marked "W".

FFA: Andy Anderson & Dave Whitworth, 1992

Trad 20m
18 Brickie's Butt Crack (Left Finish)

Start as for 'Brickie's Butt Crack (Right Finish)', 2m R of 'Web'.

Up following line of 3 BRs. From ledge at 2/3 height, tend L up crack in face (natural pro) then past another BR to DBB. Start is much easier (12) if steps to R are climbed instead of directly up past the bolts.

FFA: ross ferguson & Claudia Ferguson, 2002

Trad mixte 20m, 4
18 Brickie's Butt Crack (Right Finish)

Start as for 'Brickie's Butt Crack (Left Finish)', 2m R of 'Web'.

Up following line of 3 BRs. From ledge at 2/3 height, step R to base of corner then up this (natural pro) to DBB. Start is much easier (12) if steps to R are climbed instead of directly up past the bolts.

FFA: ross ferguson & Claudia Ferguson, 2002

Trad mixte 20m, 3
23 Plumber's Bum

Start 2m L of 'Snake in the Grass'.

Up thin face tending L past 2 RBs to halfway ledge. BRs & a FH in top half, finishes at chains.

FFA: ross ferguson, 2002

Sportive 20m, 6
20 Snake in the Grass

Start 3m L of 'Olos'. Marked "SG".

Tend R up thin face past high RB to ledge and 2nd RB. Continue up cracked face (small wires) and top out.

FFA: Dave Whitworth, Andy Anderson & Marten Bruveris, 1992

Trad mixte 20m, 2
15 Olos

Eddie Irvine's first lead... hung himself by his gear sling when his foot slipped placing a nut in the layback! LOL

FA: Ted Cais, 1969

Trad 20m
17 R Olos (Variant Start)

FA: Andrew Barry, 1984

19 Olos (Variant Finish)

Start as for 'Olos'.

At halfway, traverse R to meet 'The Olos Slab' at its last bolt and finish as per that climb.

FFA: Tony Young, 1983

Trad mixte 20m, 1
26 The Olos Slab

Start below large blank slab.

Scramble onto ledge. Climb up slab then headwall following line of 5 RBs (with an optional nut to protect the moves to 1st bolt). Finish at DBB.

Originally led in the 90s, making use of a slightly enhanced hold. That hold was filled in in 2000, and lead successfully at grade 25.

FFA: Paul Hoskins, Chris Frost & Andrew Barry, 1985

FFA: Cameron Fairbairn, 2000

Sportive 20m, 5
23 The Olos & Crimes Connection

Linkup. Up 'The Olos Slab' to 3rd RB then R to finish up top of 'Crimes and Misdemeanours'.

FFA: Adam Donoghue & Sean Smith, 1995

Sportive 20m, 5
22 Crimes and Misdemeanours

Start at the R end of Olos slab. Marked "C+M".

Thin moves on slab following 3 BRs then up shallow corner in headwall past 2 BRs to DBB shared with 'Surrender'. Staying true to the route requires staying off both 'The Olos Slab' and the 'Surrender' arete, resulting in a pretty contrived climb.

FFA: Dave Whitworth & Saul Squires, 1994

Sportive 20m, 5
19 Surrender

Start at arete 1m R of 'Crimes and Misdemeanours'.

Fine and balancy slab climbing that tests the head as much as the feet. A great climb at the grade, but with some potential for ledgy falls so make sure you're solid. 5 RBs & DBB.

FA: Andrew Barry & Paul Hoskins, 1984

Sportive 20m, 5
23 Sa-raie

Start between 'Surrender' and 'Love Hurts'.

FA: Justin Apeggio

Moulinette 18m
22 R Love Hurts

Start at corner 3m R of 'Surrender', just L of "NUT" mark (it's often confused with 'Nut').

Up corner past 3 RBs then layback the crux to attain ledge. More challenging moves past 2 RBs to finish at DBB.

FFA: Andrew Barry & Paul Hoskins, 1984

Sportive 20m, 5
19 Nut

Start at the arete 2m R of the 'Love Hurts' corner. Marked "NUT", although the actual start is about 1m R of the mark.

Nice climbing with a fun crux between the 3rd & 4th bolts which is tricky for the grade. 6 (well-camouflaged) RBs & DBB. Was originally led with just two bolts and trad. Retro-bolted with permission.

FA: Monty Curtis, 1996

Sportive 20m, 6
19 R Wrath of Grapes (Variant Finish)

Start as for usual 'Wrath of Grapes', 2m R of 'Nut'.

Begin as for usual route but continue straight up arete in top half passing 2 FHs and topping out. Way better than the original route, this is the way to do it!

FFA: Mick Woodrow & Moira Blom, 1986

Sportive 20m, 4
17 R Wrath of Grapes

Start 2m R of 'Nut'. Marked "WoG".

Straight up past very high BR to halfway ledge and 2nd BR. Scramble R to base of corner. Layback up corner with natural pro to top.

FA: John Jones, 1980

FFA: Mick Woodrow & Moira Blom, 1986

Trad mixte 20m, 2
22 G & M's Climb

Start 4m R of 'Wrath of Grapes'.

Up small ledges to very high BR. Continue past 2nd BR to ledge at half height. On up tough headwall past BR & FH to top.

FFA: Gary O'Neill & Maxine Conroy, 1993

Trad mixte 20m, 4
16 Samson's Pillar

Start at crack 3m L of 'Gynaecology'.

Follow manky crack to top.

FA: Lee Cujes & Smit Bros, 1998

Trad 20m
22 R Saul and Dave's Excellent Adventure

Start 2m L of 'Gynaecology'.

Solo up wall to ridiculously high BR. Continue straight up past 2nd BR to ledge. Finish up hard steep wall past BR & FH and top out.

FFA: Saul Squires & Dave Whitworth, 1992

Sportive 20m, 4
19 Gynaecology

Rebolted in November 2019 with two fresh RBs. Start just L of 'Postmodernist Blues'. Marked "G".

Straight up clipping the 2 RBs shared with 'Postmodernist Blues' but staying left of the bolt line. At the halfway ledge step L and climb up corner to anchor.

The corner takes good natural gear, despite what the guidebook may suggest.

FA: Dave Whitworth & Saul Squires, 1992

Trad mixte 20m, 2
20 Postmodernist Blues

Rebolted in November 2019 with two fresh RBs. Start just R of 'Gynaecology'. Marked "PMB".

Straight up clipping the 2 RBs shared with 'Gynaecology', staying right of the bolt line. Mantle onto the halfway ledge then up the crack (medium friends) and arete to top.

FA: Saul Squires & Dave Whitworth, 2000

Trad mixte 20m, 2
22 Lesbian Printshop Workers

Start 2m R of 'Postmodernist Blues'. Marked "LPW".

Rebolted in 2019

Follow the L tending line of 5 RBs up nice wall and thin slab. Push through the great crux sequence, placing a #2 wire, and top out.

FA: Michael Woodrow & Moira Blom, 1986

Trad mixte 20m, 5
20 Zac the Printshop Worker

Linkup. Start up 'Lesbian Printshop Workers', finish up 'Zac'.

FA: Dan C., 2006

Trad 20m
20 R Zac

Start 2m R of 'Lesbian Printshop Workers'. Faintly marked "Z".

Straight up manky 1st half to ledge, clipping BRs on '32A' and/or 'LPW'. Continue up nice cracked slab and corner with desperate natural pro to top.

FFA: Rob Whannell, 1985

Trad 20m
20 R 32A

Start 2m R of 'Zac'. Faintly marked "32A".

Up past 3 BRs to ledge. Up slab then corner with minimal protection and top out to R. Yet another decent climb mostly overlooked because pro is dodgy.

FFA: Evan Bieske, Andrew Barry, Gordon Bieske & Dave Moss, 1985

Trad mixte 20m, 3
20 R Crossed With No Name V

Start 2m R of '32A'. Faintly marked "WNN".

Up steep wall past 2 very well spaced BRs to under overhang. Traverse L around overhang to ledge. Up slab in top half past 2 BRs to top.

FFA: Saul Squires & Dave Whitworth

Sportive 20m, 4
22 R Crossed With No Name

Start as for 'Crossed With No Name V'.

As for 'Crossed With No Name V' but climb directly through the overhang (currently very vegetated).

FFA: Saul Squires & Dave Whitworth

FA: Justin Appietto, 1990

Sportive 20m, 4
19 Chubba Chips Mods

Start 2m R of 'Crossed With No Name'. Marked "CCM".

Up steep wall past 3 BRs. Climb past 2 more BRs to crack. Follow crack placing natural pro. DBB with rings.

FFA: Dave Moss, 1984

Trad mixte 20m, 5
21 Robbie's Robust Runners (Direct Start)

Start 2m or so L of the usual route, near "RRR" mark.

Instead of starting up the 'Juice' crack then traversing L, climb straight up the steep face to join the usual route at its 2nd FH. The usual route's 1st RB off to the R may offer some protection for the start, depending on how direct you go.

Sportive 20m, 5
16 Robbie's Robust Runners

Start up short crack as for 'Juice'.

From ledge above crack follow line of FHs L and up. At 4th FH, step R and mantle into base of cuboidal chimney. Continue up this past final FH. The DBB has been stolen (bastards!) so either top out or traverse awkwardly R to the 'Juice' DBB.

FFA: Rob Stewart, 1985

Sportive 20m, 5
16 Robbie's Robust Runners (Variant Finish)
Trad 20m
20 R After the Gold Rush

Start up short crack as for 'Juice'.

Climb as per 'Juice' to 2nd RB then continue straight up to climb face between 'Robbie's Robust Runners' chimney on L and 'Juice' corner on R, passing 2 RB's. Finish at DBB shared with 'Juice'. Very run out between 2nd and 3rd bolts. Edit: This run out can be protected with a number 5 nut in the top of the crack to the left of the first ledge after the second clip.

Rebolted in 2015 by Safer Cliffs Queensland.

FFA: Adam Donoghue & Paul Saunders, 1993

Sportive 18m, 4
20 R Juice

Start at short crack 3m L of 'Wounded Knee'.

Bouldery moves up crack (somewhat) protected by RB 1m to L. Straight up slabby corner past RB then very long runout up R-tending steps to ledge below corner. Fun moves up corner past 2 RBs to DBB shared with 'After the Gold Rush'. Just barely qualifies as sport - could do with a rebolt.

Rebolted in 2015 by Safer Cliffs Queensland.

FFA: Michael Woodrow & Martin Lama, 1993

Sportive 18m, 4
18 Keyhole

FA: Michael Woodrow & Martin Lama

Trad 18m
18 Wounded Knee

Start at the "WK" mark.

Up past 4 BRs then natural pro in second half. DBB.

FA: John Jones & Bernie Corfield, 1980

FFA: Rob & Cath Whannell, 1985

Trad mixte 18m, 4
15 Breakfast At Tiffanys

Rebolted in March 2019: 5 bolts above a single gear placement. Start at Nightfell ("N"), climb up to the ledge at 2m, place a cam (2.5 single axle, 1.5 double axle, #1 BD) or medium tricam in the slot out left, just above the lip. Big layback & step-up to bolt, over bulge to ledge below scooped wall & next bolt, up left of the scoop & straight up, passing another 3 bolts to anchors.

FA: Mark Gamble, Ron Collett, Dan Roe & Proude Hawkins, 2008

Trad mixte 18m, 5
21 R Burning Fragment

Start as for 'Nightfell'.

A more direct version of 'Nightfell' which goes straight through the overhang rather than skirting around it. 2 FHs, though they provide next to no protection at the crux where the potential for a nasty ledge fall is high. Top rope advised.

FFA: Monty Curtis & Martin Blumen, 1995

Trad mixte 18m, 2
13 Nightfell

Start 3m R of 'Wounded Knee'. Faintly marked "N".

Up layback to ledge below overhang. Traverse R to avoid overhang, briefly joining 'Mank Mistress', before tending back L above overhang. Continue to top. Run out in parts.

FFA: Rick White & Mal Gordon, 1968

Trad 18m
18 Mank Mistress

Start 2m Left of 'Pass the Bosch' or 1m Right of the Nightfell scoop.

Originally climbed on top rope in the 60s, 'Mank Mistress' was anonymously retrobolted into a seemingly well protected sport route in about 2010. However careful inspection in 2014 (triggered by the anonymous bolting of 'Breakfast At Tiffanys') revealed substandard bolting and the bolts were removed. Rebolted in March 2019.

Start below the bolt about 3.5m up, just Right of the big concave wall (Nightfell). Straight up past this to 2nd bolt, up to ledge & 3rd bolt on short wall on Left. Up to the big ledge & clip 4th bolt at head height, straight up the block to 5th bolt (crux), then easy climbing to chains.

FA: Rick White, 1969

Sportive 18m, 5
17 Pass the Bosch

Start 2m L of 'Vegemite'.

Good climb with sustained moves up nice rock. 6 RBs & DBB. There's a ground anchor just L of the base for lead rope soloing.

FFA: Dave Whitworth & Michael Long, 2000

Sportive 18m, 6
18 Vegemite

Start at the "V" mark.

Up using BR and natural pro to FH and crux at half height. Traverse R and up past BR to top.

FFA: Ross Denington & Darrin Carter, 1996

Trad mixte 18m, 3
21 Prickles

Start 2m R of 'Vegemite' below the nice looking overhang.

Excellent sustained climbing with a great crux sequence through the overhang. 5 RBs then 2 FHs and DBB. There's a ground anchor at the base for lead rope soloing.

FA: Unknown, 2003

Sportive 18m, 7
19 R Radioactive Cheerio (Direct)

Start as for original 'Radioactive Cheerio'.

Instead of traversing R at 2nd bolt, climb straight up the headwall past a FH. Continue up cracked pillar with natural pro to top.

FFA: Darrin Carter & Dave Whitworth, 1995

Trad mixte 18m, 3
15 Radioactive Cheerio

Start 2m R of 'Prickles', 2m L of 'Ego'. Faintly marked "RC".

Straight up to BR. Traverse R past BR to mantle move & FH shared with 'Ego'. From here tend L to climb up cracked pillar with natural pro to top.

FFA: Darrin Carter & Dave Whitworth, 1995

Trad mixte 18m, 3
18 Ego (Left Variant)

Start as for original 'Ego'. Instead of finishing up the slab, climb corner to L with natural pro. Top out.

FA: Paul Lester, 1996

Trad mixte 18m, 3
23 Ego

Start 2m L of 'Silly or Serious'. Marked "EGO".

Up past BR to stance. Place #1 RP then up small corner on L to FH. Step R to face then up past BR to below slab. Thin moves up slab past 2 FHs and top out.

Yet another example of a 'KP' "trad" route that would benefit from being fully bolted.

FFA: Monty Curtis & Dave Whitworth, 1996

Trad mixte 20m, 5
19 Silly or Serious

Start 2m L of 'Halva'. Faintly marked "SOS".

Nondescript bottom section with fun, airy finish. 5 RBs to DBB.

FFA: Saul Squires & Dave Whitworth, 1993

Sportive 18m, 5
21 Dream Killer

Traverse. Start at 'Halva'.

Four pitch traverse finishing up 'The Olos Slab'.

FA: Monty Curtis & Mark Bennett, 1995

Trad 110m

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