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Cotation Voie Style d'escalade Popularité Falaise
{UIAA} IFAS:PD Normal Route

FA: William Martin Conway, 1898

Alpinisme 2000m Cordillera Real
{FR} AD High Peak Normal Route Alpinisme 1300m Cordillera Real
{FR} 6b El Ombligo de Merlin Sportive 16m La Paz
{FR} 7a Donde Pares

Continuation of Terminator

Sportive La Paz
{FR} 6b+ Tu Tranqui Sportive 12m La Paz
{FR} AD West Ridge

A classic alpine ridge climb with moderate snow and ice climbing.

Alpinisme 200m Cordillera Real
{FR} 6a+ Ceviche Mixto Sportive 14m La Paz
{FR} 6b Chusco Sportive 22m La Paz
{FR} 6b+ route 3

last climb to the right before the arete, some loose rock, but a nice climb

Sportive 15m, 8 Churata
{FR} 6a+ Overhung Sport Route Sportive 18m La Paz
{AU} FR:5b Chimney Inconnue 9m La Paz
{FR} PD North West Ridge Alpinisme 1000m Sajama
{FR} 6a+ Route 15

Nice climbing on a incut section

Sportive 15m Churata
{FR} 6c Terminator Sportive La Paz
{FR} 6b+ Route 7

Overhanging pocketed rock. Left most of the section

Sportive 18m Churata
{FR} 6b Route 8

centre route on the wall

Sportive 18m Churata
{FR} 6b+ Route 9

Right most route on the wall

Sportive 18m Churata
{FR} 6c El Rincon Feliz
Sportive 15m La Paz
{FR} 6c Ruta 8
Sportive 15m, 11 La Paz
{FR} PD Pico Tarija

A subpeak of Pequeño Alpamayo, this summit must be reached before attempting any of the subsequent routes. Descent from the rocky east face of this summit can be made easier using two bolted anchors if necessary.

Alpinisme 500m Cordillera Real
{FR} 6a+ route 2

Only climb around the right of the arete. Shares an ending with route 3

Sportive 15m, 6 Churata
{FR} 7b Puertas del Caos Sportive La Paz
{FR} 9a En Este Luz Te Ves Como Poseidon

FA: Pirmin Bertle, 27 Juil 2017

Sportive Churata
{AU} FR:6a Central Flake Inconnue 10m La Paz
{FR} 6b Route 1

Furthest left route on the rock

Set: Carlos Eduardo Vargas Tito

Sportive 12m, 6 Churata
{FR} 6a Huevando con los panas
Sportive 10m La Paz
FR:8b+ Winay

FA: Pirmin Bertle, 1 Juil 2017

Sportive La Paz
{FR} 5b Para los Peruanos
Sportive 10m La Paz
FR:8b El profeta armado
Sportive La Paz
{AU} FR:6c R Arete of Chimney Inconnue 8m La Paz
{FR} 5c Spigolo Internacional
Sportive 10m La Paz
{FR} 4 Ruta 1
Sportive 10m, 5 La Paz
{FR} 6a+ Route 4

last route on the main wall

Sportive 12m, 6 Churata
{FR} 6a+ Ruta sin Nombre
Sportive 10m La Paz
{FR} 6a Ruta 2

The anchor is missing from this route, but you can easily traverse left to use the anchor from the neighbouring route... probably not worth the effort though.

Sportive 10m, 5 La Paz
{FR} 4 Easy Sport Route Sportive La Paz
{FR} PD East Face

Minor difficulties can be found gaining the initial ridge where some easy scrambling is required. Once on the glacier, a few crevasses must be negotiated en route to the summit.

Alpinisme 550m Cordillera Real
{FR} 6b+ Ruta sin Nombre 2
Sportive 10m La Paz
{FR} 6b Ruta 3
Sportive 11m, 8 La Paz
{FR} F South West Face

An easy, meandering snow climb with a short rock scramble to finish.

Alpinisme 350m Cordillera Real
{FR} 6b Dura por dentro blanda por fuera

Long climb on loose rock. Good position. Second pitch as yet ungraded

Sportive 22m, 2 Churata
Sin Power

Set: Carlos Vargas

Sportive Churata
{FR} TD Colibri Route Alpinisme Cordillera Real
{FR} 6a Ladje et lon on djose di ses enfants
Sportive 20m La Paz
{FR} 5 Via Uno
Sportive 12m La Paz
{FR} 7c+ Ya Pues Sportive La Paz
{FR} F Southwest Flank
Alpinisme Cordillera Real
{FR} 5a Juego de Niños
Sportive 15m La Paz
Ruta 6
Sportive 15m, 8 La Paz
{FR} D Southeast Face Alpinisme Cordillera Real
{FR} AD South Ridge Alpinisme Cordillera Real
{FR} 7b El Techo de Topio
Sportive 24m, 18 La Paz
{FR} 7b+ Sin nombre 2 Sportive La Paz
Mosquitos Asesinos

Set: Carlos & Carlos Eduardo Vargas Tito

Sportive 7 Churata
{FR} D Gully 3 Alpinisme Cordillera Real
Farracos Colombianos
SportiveProjet 20m La Paz
{FR} 5+ Via Dos
Sportive 12m La Paz
{FR} 7c+ Lagrima Sportive La Paz
{FR} D Northwest Face of Pk 5550
Alpinisme Cordillera Real
{FR} 6a Bienvenidos a Peñas
Sportive 15m La Paz
Ruta 7
Sportive 12m, 9 La Paz
{FR} D Monasterio Ogden Route Alpinisme Cordillera Real
{FR} AD French Route Alpinisme Cordillera Real
{FR} 6c A0 Traversia de Traversio
Sportive 40m, 3 La Paz
{FR} 7b+ Sin nombre 3 Sportive La Paz
{FR} TD Mesili Route Alpinisme Cordillera Real
{FR} 7b Conquistadors de lo absurdo
Sportive 20m La Paz
{FR} 4 Via Tres
Sportive 12m La Paz
{FR} 7a+ Sin nombre 6 Sportive La Paz
{FR} PD Southeast Ridge
Alpinisme Cordillera Real
{FR} AD West Ridge Alpinisme Cordillera Real
Volevere y sere millones
SportiveProjet La Paz
{FR} 7c La Lucha Sportive La Paz
{FR} TD Central Spur Route
Alpinisme Cordillera Real
{FR} 6c La Desconocida
Sportive 20m La Paz
{FR} 5a Uta Uta
Sportive 15m La Paz
East Ridge
Alpinisme Cordillera Real
{FR} 6b Vivan las Chaparritas
Sportive 15m La Paz
Ruta 9
Sportive 15m, 13 La Paz
{FR} AD Ramp Route Alpinisme Cordillera Real
{FR} 6a Las Papas Olvidadas
Sportive 10m La Paz
{FR} 4 Via de los amigos
Trad 25m La Paz
{FR} 8a Nikitamba Sportive La Paz
IFAS:AD Southeast Ridge Normal Route
Alpinisme Cordillera Real
{FR} 5b Atuq
Sportive 10m La Paz
{FR} 7a Champagne Sportive La Paz
{FR} D Alaxpacha Warawara Thaki
Alpinisme Cordillera Real
{FR} 6b Via de los camunos
Sportive 15m La Paz
Ruta 10
Sportive 12m, 10 La Paz
{FR} D Left Route Alpinisme Cordillera Real
{FR} 6c Qamasa
Sportive 10m La Paz
{FR} 5c Monton de Mujeres
Sportive 20m La Paz
{FR} 6c+ Sin nombre 4 Sportive La Paz
{FR} 6a Route 2

Second route to the right

Sportive 12m, 6 Churata
IFAS:AD Southeast Ridge Variation
Alpinisme Cordillera Real
{FR} 5 Q'arq'a Sunkha
Trad 25m La Paz
{FR} 7a Bolivar Blues Sportive La Paz
{FR} D Right Variation
Alpinisme Cordillera Real
SportiveProjet 15m La Paz
Ruta 11
Sportive 11m, 9 La Paz

Affichage de 1 - 100 sur 146 voies.

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