Le site d'escalade est fermé.



Two 15 meter granite towers free standing in the middle of the forest. Many bolted climbs on it.

Limit. de l'accès hérité de Mont Nixon

The Club Montagnards Laurentiens and the FQME are working to get a official access to this cliff, any access will put in jeopardy the work they are doing for all climbers.


The access as well as the crag are all on private property and the owner is not friendly towards climbers due to damage and people not following the rules. The access to this crag is thus very fragile. Many crags around the area have been closed off for this very reason.

Lets change that.

Be extremely respectful of anyone you cross. Do NOT camp. Do NOT make fires.



To get to the "Twin Towers": From the parking lot, walk north along the road for about 100m and turn right on the obvious trail (just before the road turns). Follow the trail straight until a "T" intersection. Going right there leads to the "Twin Towers sector".


Ce(tte) paroi n'a pas encore de sous-zone ou de voies !

Si Twin Towers vous est familier, prenez le temps d'ajouter les infos que vous connaissez. Merci !

Si vous vous connectez, vous pourrez ajouter des sites et/ou des voies.


Regardez ce qu'il se passe à Twin Towers.

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