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Cotation Voie Style d'escalade Qualité Grimpeur
Mar 12 Fév 2019 - Santa Linya
Cova Gran
9b Neanderthal

Adam Ondra reported via Instagram: There are not many routes that I can tell about that I really hated then at certain point. But Neanderthal was definitely one of them. Not because the route is of bad quality, just because how many times I failed again and again. Getting over it and finally succeeding was a huge lesson.

Sportive 40m Excellent
Adam Ondra
Ven 28 Déc 2018 - Santa Linya
Cova Gran
9b Neanderthal

2nd ascent after Chris Sharma! Such a king line! 117 moves through the whole cave. It took a while to find out all the beta and at first I thought it will take forever to be able to send it but I made quite quick progress and was able to send it on my 6th climbing day! First time I stuck the crux dyno (3/4 up the route) I kept my mental game and reached the top. Super psyched!! You can divide the route into 3 parts: 1st part a 45 move 7b+ up to a no hand rest (lying down on a ledge) 2nd part is the hardest part 15 powerful moves to a knee bar rest then 10 hard moves to the crux dyno followed by 12 more powerful moves on underclings to a saving rest 3rd part is a 15 move 8a+ish roof, powerful and the part where you are most nervous but should not fall anymore

Sportive 40m Classique
Jakob Schubert
Ven 18 Déc 2009 - Santa Linya
Cova Gran
9b Neanderthal Sportive 40m
Chris Sharma

Affichant les 3 ascensions total.

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