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Auteur·e·s: Robert Miramontes

Date: 2017

ISBN: 9781938393297

Covering over 3,000 of the best climbs with numerous bouldering circuits, Joshua Tree Rock Climbs is a must-have resource for anyone venturing to one of Earth's greatest stone playgrounds.
  • Full-color 3rd edition features comprehensive, indexed information on over 3,000 climbs, with new maps, action photography and fully updated, essential park information
  • Due to the difficulty of most of the featured climbing routes and bouldering problems, this guidebook is Ideal for advanced and experienced climbers

Sites: Joshua Tree National Park

Auteur·e·s: Robert Miramontes

Date: 2016

ISBN: 9781938393266

With over 2,000 problems in the bouldering playground of Joshua Tree National Park, Joshua Tree Bouldering comprehensively documents the area's abundance of fantastic challenges and test pieces.
  • Simple and effective route descriptions include detailed highlights of the classic and hard-to-find problems
  • Detailed satellite-aided maps show boulders, vegetation, washes and large landmark formations to help you easily navigate the area
  • Colorful photography by author and photographer Robert Miramontes will inspire you to make Joshua Tree your next climbing challenge
  • Comprehensive introduction features a thorough history of bouldering, geology of the park, climate, tips for camping, when to visit, as well as safety prevention tips

Sites: Joshua Tree National Park

Auteur·e·s: Jason Kehl, Matt Wilder

Date: 2020

ISBN: 9781938393365

In the self-guided areas of this renowned West Texas bouldering site, Hueco Tanks Volume 1: North Mountain highlights 850 problems that'll keep you sending from one rock to the next.
  • Includes a 20-plus page section for guided-only areas of West Mountain, East Mountain and the East Spur filled with maps and inspiring imagery to help plan your tour

Sites: North Mountain

Auteur·e·s: Kimbrough Moore, Shannon Joslin, Leo Popovic

Date: 2022

ISBN: 9798218007959

Edgewalker Entertainment:
A comprehensive guide to the greater Bay Area of California, Golden State Bouldering provides readers with info on the outdoor bouldering around San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz.
  • Describes 1,600 boulder problems with hundreds of color photos, maps, GPS coordinates and hand-drawn illustrations

Sites: California

Auteur·e·s: Mike Williams

Date: 2021

ISBN: 978193839402

Volume 2 of New River Rock documents the climbing north of the main gorge of the New, with over 1,400 routes on the crags along the Meadow and Gauley rivers and surrounding Summersville Lake.
  • Details 1,400 routes
  • Includes a detailed history of the area and camping and visitor info
  • Color photography throughout
  • Every book purchase supports the New River Gorge Climber's Alliance

Sites: West Virginia

Auteur·e·s: Nate Liles

Date: 2022

ISBN: 9781938393471

Rock Climbing in the San Luis Valley covers all the top areas around Penitente Canyon and several never-before-published crags, plus bonus chapters on bouldering and mountain biking.
  • Up-to-date with new beta and approach info
  • Covers more than 250 routes, with many moderate choices
  • Bouldering highlights
  • Every book purchase supports the San Luis Valley Climbers Alliance

Sites: San Luis Valley

Auteur·e·s: Todd Goss

Date: 2022

ISBN: 978-19540400-4-5

Sharp End Publishing:
This meticulously researched Rock Climbs of Southwest Utah and the Arizona Strip guidebook will inspire you to explore the ever-expanding climbing opportunities in and around the St. George region.
  • With 8 rock types, 60+ areas and seemingly endless opportunities, the St. George region has become one of the West's premier sport-climbing venues
  • Routes run the gamut from novice to expert, and scenery from red rock to alpine
  • This diverse area boasts more than 1,000 climbs

Sites: St. George

Auteur·e·s: Dallas Lasley

Date: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-892540-77-5

Sharp End Publishing:
St. George, Utah has rapidly emerged as one of America's great climbing destinations, and St. George Bouldering is the definitive guide to all the amazing problems found near the resort city.
  • With abundant moderate problems, as well as mid-grade gems and unsent projects, St. George Bouldering gives the cordless climber plenty to do

Sites: St. George

Auteur·e·s: Jake Mergenthaler

Date: 2022

ISBN: 978-0-9657079-5-4

Sharp End Publishing:
Whether you're an experienced climber or a total beginner, Central Montana Rock has something for you—it covers a diverse set of crags between Helena and the Rocky Mountain Front.
  • From granitic trad adventures to steep limestone sport climbing, this unique region juxtaposes some of the hardest climbs in the state with beginner-friendly crags
  • Written by Jake Mergenthaler, Helena's most notable first ascensionist, with the help of the Helena Climbers' Coalition
  • This 2nd edition is equipped with new information and more than twice as many routes as the first

Sites: Montana

Auteur·e·s: Karl Kelley

Date: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-954040-14-4

Sharp End Publishing:
Towers, crags, boulders—it's all in Moab, Utah. With Sharp End Publishing Moab Climbs: High on Moab, you can plan the perfect climbing trip.
  • Longtime Moab-local Karl Kelley draws from the town's climbing community and decades of experience climbing and developing routes on the world-class sandstone
  • Describes 1,000 of the very best climbs in Utah's picturesque red rock desert

Sites: Moab

Auteur·e·s: Phillip Benningfield, Matt Samet

Date: 2020

ISBN: 9781892540454

Sharp End Publishing:
Front Range is a dense tome providing information on nearly 1,800 problems from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins.
  • Areas covered include Poudre Canyon, Horsetooth, Carter Lake, Estes Park, Camp Dick, Allenspark, Lyons, Mount Sanitas, Boulder Canyon, Flagstaff and Gross Reservoir
  • Also covers the Flatirons, Green Mountain, Eldorado Canyon, Clear Creek, Morrison, Matthew Winters, Three Sisters, Castlewood Canyon and Garden of the Gods
  • Features incredible color photography, detailed maps and accurate information

Sites: Colorado

Auteur·e·s: Evan Wisheropp

Date: 2022

ISBN: 978-1-938393-46-4

A compact yet comprehensive guide, Redwood Burl introduces climbers and boulderers to the extensive vertical opportunities in northwest California.
  • Provides approach times
  • Features beautiful color photos, helpful maps and icons depicting sun and rain aspects

Sites: Northern California

Auteur·e·s: Thierry Souchard

Date: 2017

Ce topo numérique propose une sélection de 27 grandes voies réparties dans les parcs nationaux de Red rocks et de Zion. Cette sélection est tirée du guide Rock around the world. Tracés précis des voies sur photos « zoomable ». Le contenu du topo est visible sur l’appli OmegaRoc.

Red Rocks : 19 voies Le grès très sculpté de Red rocks permet de grimper sur des profils très raide dans des cotations tout à fait abordables. Les protections sont bonnes et assez faciles à poser.
Niveau requis : 6a sur coinceurs

Zion : 8 voies A Zion, la roche est plus compacte et l’escalade plus exigeante le long de fissures et de murs très raide. Il est indispensable de maitriser les techniques de verrous. 
Niveau requis : 6b sur coinceurs

Sites: Red Rock , Zion National Park

Auteur·e·s: Dave Pegg, Sibylle Hechtel and Josh Holmes

Date: 2012

ISBN: 9780982615492

A comprehensive guide to the cobbly, conglomerate rock walls of Maple Canyon, Utah, Maple Canyon Rock Climbs highlights more than 400 routes ranging in grade from 5.4 to 5.14.
  • Features detailed route descriptions to over 400 routes with 5.4 to 5.14 climbing grades, along with color photographs and maps to make route selection easier

Sites: Maple Canyon

Auteur·e·s: Mick Schein

Date: 2013

ISBN: 9781892540836

Sharp End:
Plan your next Southwest objective with the help of Sandia Rock, an indispensable guide to climbing routes in the Albuquerque area of New Mexico's Sandia mountains.

The Sandia Mountains are the premier backcountry climbing destination in New Mexico. Solitude and adventure await climbers of all abilities, with an après climbing complement of some of the spiciest cuisine in the Southwest. This second edition includes updated topos and descriptions, many new routes, as well as forgotten classics.

Sites: Sandia Mountain

Auteur·e·s: Richard Rossiter

Date: 2012

Best Climbs: Tahquitz and Suicide Rocks offers essential advice and detailed route descriptions for these 2 popular climbing destinations east of Los Angeles.

  • Includes hand-drawn topos, easy-to-understand maps, photographs and detailed descriptions of the routes
  • Covers the following areas of Tahquitz Rocks: The Hinterland, Northwest Recess, West Face Bulge, Flintstone Slab and South Face
  • Covers the following areas of Suicide Rocks: Smooth Sole Walls, Sunshine Face, The Weeping Wall, Godzilla Face and Northeast Buttress

Sites: Riverside County

Auteur·e·s: Chris McNamara and McKenzie Long

Date: 2013

ISBN: 9780983322535

Planning to scramble up the 5.7 east face of Mount Whitney or ascend the epic, 18-pitch Sun Ribbon Arete? High Sierra Climbing helps you stay on course and spend maximum time enjoying the climb.
  • 2nd edition includes 40 of the best High Sierra alpine climbs, ranging in difficulty from Class 3 to 5.11c
  • Most of these climbs are well protected, 10-15 pitches long and ascend magnificent alpine granite

Sites: High Sierra

Auteur·e·s: Eric J. Horst

Date: 2013

The revised and updated edition of Rock Climbing Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland describes more than 1200 routes at 23 different areas including Seneca Rocks and the New River Gorge.

Sites: West Virginia , Virginia , Maryland

Auteur·e·s: Sean O'Grady

Date: 2011

Sharp End:
Enchanted Rock: A Climber's Guide offers all the information you need to enjoy this often-overlooked bouldering area near Austin, Texas.

Gives full route descriptions, including gear suggestions, bolt counts and route recommendations

Sites: Enchanted Rock

Auteur·e·s: Tom Slater

Date: 2013

ISBN: 9780982498811

From the center of the Golden State to the Mexican border, Southern California Rock Climbing highlights over 60 climbing areas to experience firsthand on the most epic rock-climbing road trip.

  • Divided into seven region-specific sections, this guide employs a combination of topos, maps, photos and detailed descriptions to get you to over 60 climbing areas
  • Areas covered include Joshua Tree, Tahquitz and Suicide, Riverside Quarry, New Jack City, Mount Woodson, Malibu Creek, Stoney Point, Gibraltar Rocks, and more

Sites: Riverside County , Los Angeles , San Diego Area , Eastern California

Auteur·e·s: Gaz Leah

Date: 2013

ISBN: 9781892540898

Sharp End:
Explore the hidden landscapes beneath New York city's veil of steel and concrete with the help of this indispensable guide: NYC Bouldering.
  • Includes Central Park, Morningside Park, St Nicholas Park, High Bridge Park, Loony Bin Boulder, Fort Tryon and Inwood Park

Sites: New York City

Auteur·e·s: Kelly H. Sheridan

Date: 2015

ISBN: 9781892540959

Sharp End:
With detailed maps and beta, the Leavenworth Bouldering guidebook from Sharp End Publishing leads you to more than 1,200 problems for endless projecting just down the road from brats and biergartens.
  • Provides detailed directions, maps and beta, plus scannable QR codes to help you map directions on your phone
  • Includes essays and artwork from long-time local climbers, and thoroughly researched essays on the area's history, flora, fauna and geology

Sites: Leavenworth

Auteur·e·s: Tony Mayse

Date: 2018

ISBN: 978-1892540-27-0

Sharp End:
Oklahoma Rock is the only guide you'll need. With beautiful, full-color photographs and thorough descriptions, it covers the state's best routes and its rich climbing history.
  • Oklahoma Rock covers the routes of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, historic Quartz Mountain and more
  • Includes area maps as well as GPS coordinates expressed through QR codes (scan it on your phone and it will open Google Maps to get you where you're going)
  • Also includes a Quartz Bouldering chapter for boulderers

Sites: Oklahoma

Auteur·e·s: Tim Kemple

Date: 2018

ISBN: 9781938393303

From the granite blocks of Lincoln Woods, Rhode Island, to the schist of Smugglers' Notch, Vermont, you're bound to find your next problem in the New England Bouldering guidebook.

  • Comprehensive, revised 3rd edition features more than 1,200 boulder problems at some of the best bouldering areas throughout New England
  • Detailed maps help you find your next bouldering challenge with ease

Sites: New York , Connecticut , Massachusetts , New Hampshire , Maine , Vermont , Rhode Island

Auteur·e·s: Bennett Scott

Date: 2018

ISBN: 9780989515696

Located northwest of Fort Collins, Colo., the Poudre Canyon is home to some of the highest quality sport climbing and bouldering in the state. Get climbing with the Poudre Canyon Rock Climbing Guide.

  • Maps, clear cliff photos and detailed written descriptions make route finding a breeze
  • Covers the Lower Canyon, Narrows and West of Rustic areas

Sites: Poudre Canyon

Auteur·e·s: Karl Kelley

Date: 2018

ISBN: 9781892540355

Sharp End:
Located in the northern part of Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, Indian Creek is renowned for its sandstone crack climbing. Plan your visit with Creek Freak: Indian Creek Climbs.

Includes first ascent info, history and historical photos, overview maps, gear beta, required rope lengths, route length, camping beta and detailed cliff photos

Sites: Indian Creek Canyon

Auteur·e·s: Andy Salo and Hillary Guzik

Date: 2018

ISBN: 9781938393310

Problems just a couple of hours outside New York City can be found in Gunks Bouldering. This is the definitive guide to the historic rocks of the Shawangunks Mountains.
  • Full-color 1st edition guide covers the Shawangunk Mountains, including the Trapps, Near Trapps and Peter's Kill areas
  • Detailed maps help you find your destination

Sites: Shawangunks

Auteur·e·s: East Wind Design

Date: 2019

ISBN: 9780999723326

Featuring the best bouldering sites in the Columbia River Gorge, Gorge Bouldering Select captures the essence of its core areas with valuable details and photographs as your guide to scale the rocks.

Bouldering sites featured include Larch Mountain Boulders, Alpenglow Boulders, Hamilton Boulders, Horsethief Butte and Empire Boulders

Sites: Oregon , Columbia River, Washington Side

Auteur·e·s: East Wind Design

Date: 2019

ISBN: 9780963566089

Conquer the close-by crags of the Rose City with Portland Rock Climbs, a full-color resource loaded with precise route beta and illustrated and photographed maps to help guide your way to the top.

  • Close-to-Portland climbing sites include Broughton Bluff, Rocky Butte Quarry, Carver Cliff, Madrone Wall, Ozone Wall, Farside Crag and Beacon Rock
  • This definitive reference guidebook will help you focus on your next climbing goal with rich detail seldom covered in other climbing guides

Sites: Portland

Auteur·e·s: Dario Ventura and Mike Williams

Date: 2018

ISBN: 9781938393327

Wolverine :
Selected from the area's more than 3,000 routes across 54 crags, Red River George Select presents enough classics to fill a lifetime of weekend climbing fun in Kentucky.
  • Index of classic routes highlights the grade of each climb and indicates if the climb is better suited to sport or trad climbing
  • Helpful icons help you plan your day with driving times, walking times, sun exposure, rain protection and kid-friendliness
  • GPS coordinates and detailed directions help you find your destination easily

Sites: Red River Gorge

Affichage de 1 - 30 sur 148 publications.

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