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1 - 100 di più di 10,000 vie.

Grado Via Stile equipaggiamento Popolarità
Afghanistan Kabul Sher Darwaza
{AU} 12 salaam

FA: ash sweeting

Sconosciuto 8m
Afghanistan Kandahar Province
5.9 Maholic Madness Trad 280m, 11
Bhutan Western Bhutan Thimphu
{FR} 4b Walkers Crack
Sportiva 25m, 6
{FR} 6b Sandflies Kisses
Sportiva 12m, 5
{FR} 6b Dead Man Walking
Sportiva 14m, 4
{FR} 6a Once in 12 Years
Sportiva 12m, 4
{FR} 5a Easy Peasy
Sportiva 22m, 5
{FR} 5a Friction Dance
Sportiva 20m, 5
{FR} 6a+ Reach N Preach
Sportiva 27m, 8
{FR} 5a Wedding Present

Tracciata: Stefan Priesner & Dean Jones, 1998

FA: Dean Jones, 1998

Sportiva 23m, 6
Friends No More
{FR} 6a Viennese Waltz
Sportiva 12m, 4
{FR} 7b Half Moon
Sportiva 10m, 4
{FR} 5c Striving for Stability
Sportiva 12m, 4
{FR} 6b Energy Crisis
Sportiva 12m, 4
Bhutan Western Bhutan Druk Sonam
Open Project - Crack & Roof
Bhutan Western Bhutan Druk Freckler
Open Project - Crack
Cambodia Chealea No More Monks Rock
5.9 Jugs

A short but juggy route. Watch out for bees in the monster jugs. Continue over the top for decent. No anchor and little available pro.

5.10a Up the corner

The is a classic route to the top of No More Monks Rock. Start by climbing up the left-facing corner, continue up the slab to the top, you are sure to get onlookers and honks from passing traffic on route 6. No anchors and virtually nothing in the way of placement. Eventually this route will be bolted. - From Ben Tipton's "Rock Climbing in Cambodia"

5.12 អត់ ឡុក

Straight up the face of the No More Monks rock. A long sustained difficult climb. (In Khmer this climb name means "no more monk".) - From Ben Tipton's "Rock Climbing in Cambodia" [Note: This may now be a sport route]

Corda dall'alto 25m
5.11 Bitch Beach

Start just to the right of "Chicken in the kitchen" and stay right of the line with bolts.Top rope this climb until it's bolted from the "chicken in the kitchen" anchor. (Lots of rope drag, you'll get a workout.) - From Ben Tipton's "Rock Climbing in Cambodia"

Corda dall'alto
5.10c Chicken in the kitchen

[The following is out of date] Start next to the small wooden house and tree. The crux of this climb is surely the start. Follow the 6 bolts to the anchor.

Sportiva 6
5.4 Spirit's Way

[Ethic warning, locals may not approve] This scramble provides access to the anchors of "Chicken in the Kitchen" and "Aht Lok". Enter the cave next to the home and start of "Chicken in the kitchen" climbing up and left to the top of the rock. The locals don't like us using this access because theuy believe that we disturb the spirits that live in the cave. If you do, however, use this access watch out for bees, and I suppose, spirits as well. - Taken from Ben Tipton's "Rock Climbing in Cambodia"

Cambodia Chealea Tiered Rock
5.6 Warm up

Start directly below the tree. Either continue to the top of the rock or traverse left to the wide ledge. This climb provides safe access to the "Short but Sweet" and "Straight-up" anchors.

5.11c Short but Sweet

Truly short and bitter sweet climb that begins atop an old concrete slab from the old Pagoda.[Update: there is now a shrine on the slab, probably best to avoid climbing above it.] Accessing the anchors is a bit dicey but possible from the top of the rock. A better option is climbing Warm-Up and taversing left to the wide ledge.

Corda dall'alto
5.8 Straight-Up

A short beginners route. Climb the slab to the broad ledge. For access to the anchors, follow the suggestions for "Short but Sweet".

Corda dall'alto
Cambodia Chealea Broken Pot Rock
5.10b Holes

This route is somewhat covered in vines, but is a good route on this face of Broken Pot Rock. No anchors or bolts. - Taken from Ben Tipton's "Rock Climbing in Cambodia"

5.9 Creeper

Start just to the right of the line of bolts for Martha's Vineyard. Continue stragiht up from there following the light coloured rock. - Taken from Ben Tipton's "Rock Climbing in Cambodia"

5.9 Vines

So called, because this route used to be covered in vines. Follow the line of 5 bolts to the anchor. - Taken from Ben Tipton's "Rock Climbing in Cambodia"

Sportiva 5
5.10b Crimper

A classic 5.10! The line is pretty self explanatory, follow the 7 bolts to the anchor. You may just want to pull the rope and repeat this route once you did it the first time. - Taken from Ben Tipton's "Rock Climbing in Cambodia"

Sportiva 7
5.7 សួស្តី

The name literally means "good day" or "greetings" and named this because this climb is usually one of the first routes climbed when visiting the area for the first time. Climb the slab following the 3 drawn-out bolts to the anchor (23m) gradually traversing right. - Taken from Ben Tipton's "Rock Climbing in Cambodia"

Sportiva 23m, 3
5.7 បាយសាច់ជ្រូក

Start on or near the left corner of the slab. Watch out for loose rock on this long slab climb. - Taken from Ben Tipton's "Rock Climbing in Cambodia" [Name means "rice + pork", route name originally spelt "Buy-Siak-J-Rok"]

Trad 24m
5.9 Morning Glory

A popular route for beginners and seasoned climbers alike. Climb following the 6 bolts and gradually traversing left. Leave a directional on the 3rd or 4th bolt for safe top-roping. - Taken from Ben Tipton's "Rock Climbing in Cambodia

Sportiva 6
5.10a Glory in the Morning

Follow the old bolts (without hangers) straight up to the "Morning Glory" anchor. Top rope this route from "Morning Glory" anchors. - Taken from Ben Tipton's "Rock Climbing in Cambodia"

Corda dall'alto
5.11b Terminator's Toothbrush

A tight start between the two rocks. Stick clip the first bolt. Sustained difficulty makes this one a must climb. - Taken from Ben Tipton's "Rock Climbing in Cambodia"

Sportiva 5
5.9 Rats Hole

Located behind the tree. Anchor from the top Named "Rob's Rat Hole" because a small rat calls the hole midway up the climb it's home. - Taken from Ben Tipton's "Rock Climbing in Cambodia"

Corda dall'alto
5.10a Around the Corner

A short climb with a difficult to reach anchor at the top. - Taken from Ben Tipton's "Rock Climbing in Cambodia"

5.1 Practice

This anchor was placed here to teach beginners rapelling and proper rock climbing technique. It's good for practice if you have some beginners along. - Taken from Ben Tipton's "Rock Climbing in Cambodia"

Via ferrata
5.4 Top Knot

Anchors on top of the rock for setting anchors, you may use it to set "Morning Glory" "Crimper" and "សួស្តី" all of which have exposed and/or hard to reach anchors. This anchor is NOT suitable for climbing or rappelling.

Via ferrata
Cambodia Chealea Roof Rock
5.13 Unknown

Unknown bolted route up the extremely overhung rock. Not sure if it has ever been ascended.

Sportiva 4
Cambodia Climbodia Duvel Sector
FR:6b Succubus
Sportiva 8
FR:6b Incubus
Sportiva 8
FR:6b+ The Underdog
Sportiva 7
FR:6c Sonic the Hedgehog
Sportiva 7
The Via Ferrata

To the far left of Duvel Sector there is a grade 4-5 scramble up to a series of cables bolted into the rock. Follow the cables all the way around the cliff top to the Evil Eyes sector, ending at Sunset Boulevard. There are at least 3 accesible anchor points to rappel down from, or return the way you came.

Via ferrata
Cambodia Climbodia Evil Eyes Sector
FR:6c+ Life is backgammon
Sportiva 10
FR:5c Den E40
Sportiva 6
FR:6a+ Den E411
Sportiva 4
FR:6c+ The Grid
Sportiva 9
FR:7a+ Beauty and the Beast
Sportiva 7
FR:6a Sunset Blvd
Sportiva 8
FR:6b Pleu Thmor
Sportiva 6
FR:4c De Lukas
Sportiva 12m, 6
FR:6b+ Janus
Sportiva 7
FR:7a She's Chemistry
Sportiva 7
FR:5b Primadonna
Sportiva 7
FR:5a Window Licker
Sportiva 7
FR:6c Snakeskin
Sportiva 8
Cambodia Climbodia Inside Caves
FR:6a Daelim Dash

Inside the cave, closest climb to the wooden stairs. Top anchors can be seen easily from the ground.

FR:6a+ April

Maybe a meter or so to the right of Daelim Dash. April, June, and Victorious all start pretty much in the same spot. Stay on the face to the left of the start. Top anchors clear. Possible off width fun if you stray off to the right into the narrow cave.

FR:5b June

Similar start spot to April and Victorious. June is a less clear climb. Maybe it goes inside the narrow off width cave, maybe it doesn't. More beta required. Top anchors also unclear. Please add info if you have it.

FR:5a Victorius

Similar start point to April and June, same top anchors as Upgrade. Climb the long spine going straight up to anchors. There is a small perch at the top where you can sit to set acnhors

FR:5c Upgrade

Where the path in the cave turns left coming from the wooden stairs there is a small tower of rock. Victorius climbs up the left spine of it, Upgrade climbs up the face of it. Dusty slopers abound. Crux between last bolt and top anchors, the face begins to overhung just slightly. (Ground fall potential heading up to second bolt)

Cambodia Kampot Ships Rock
5.7 splicing the knife Sconosciuto
5.8 running the face Sconosciuto
5.9 layback Sconosciuto
Cambodia Sihanoukville Independence Square at Victory Hill Yann Boulder
A Boulder
B Boulder
C Boulder
D Boulder
E Boulder
F Boulder
G Boulder
H Boulder
FB:6C Traverse Boulder
Cambodia Sihanoukville Sokha Beach Bluff Sokha Boulder
A Boulder
B Boulder
C Boulder
D Boulder
E Boulder
Cambodia Sihanoukville Serendipity Beach Khmer Boulder
A Trad
B Trad
C Trad
Traverse Boulder
Cambodia The Kulen Kulen Basecamp Pagoda Cliff
5.11 Takes a little longer

Same as Making it Work, but don’t avoid the crux like a sissy.

SportivaProgetto 12m, 4
5.8 Making it work

Belay from the little slab at the base of the cliff, climb is characterized by pockets made from the sandstone layers. At the 4th clip there’s a large cave to the left, avoid it as some of the hermits live in there at times. Slightly run out between clips 3-4 because of the layers. Can cheat the crux by following the crack up to the right and traversing back over along the top to the anchors.

FA: James Hugh Festeryga, 2 Giu 2022

Sportiva 12m, 4
5.7 I’m from Ontario so slab is kind of my jam

To the right of the lead climb there are top anchors on the face. Not super easy to access fro the top, but offers clear path for top rope not to rub too much. At the bottom there’s a gradually steepening slab covered in green slippery moss up to the first ledge. Pretty straightforward from there. Lead climb bolting was abandoned due to the hollow quality of the rock.

FA: James Hugh Festeryga, 2 Giu 2022

Corda dall'alto 12m
Cambodia The Kulen Kulen Basecamp Camp Cliff South West Tentsite
5.6 CoolEh?N

Start with hands on the face, feet under the overhang. Crimp up to the slopey pockets. In the deep pocket be prepared to have 1000 ants on you within seconds, can switch grip in the ant pocket to undercling. Top out on big jug in between the two anchor bolts.

FA: James Hugh Festeryga, 2 Giu 2022

Sportiva 5m, 2
5.4 Downspout

Climb to the southern anchor. Really green and slippery on account of the water trickle here that created a perfect cleft in the top of the rock, the downspout.

FA: James Hugh Festeryga, 2 Giu 2022

Sportiva 5m, 1
Cambodia The Kulen Kulen Basecamp Camp Cliff North West Tentsite
5.6 The corner

On the corner of the rock, furthest to the south.

FA: Buth, 2 Giu 2022

Sportiva 4m
Little roof

Next to the layback crack there is a little roof. Should be a climb here.

SconosciutoProgetto 5m
See ya pows!

A nice layback crack almost the length of the route. Hits a teeny tiny roof one meter below the anchors.

SportivaProgetto 4m
Blown Wide Open

Under the big tree there is an obvious yellow crack, there are anchors but tying to the big branch will save your rope a lot of friction. Hand shredding project on explosive sandstone. We’ve blown off more holds than there are on the route. The crux is early, best guess is to reach deep in the yellow coloured crack for a slopey side grip. Recommend listening to tunes by Big Wreck to bring the psyche.

SportivaProgetto 5m
8 Ball

Start in front of the big red barked tree. (For top rope recommend anchoring in the tree, actually, save your rope a lot of trouble). Big pocket on the right gets you of the ground, big pocket above your head gets you to the first bolt. Straight forward slopey stuff from there. Very bouldery route.

SportivaProgetto 5m, 2
Kroma Crashpad

Far end of the sector is a project that ideally one would have a few crash pads for. Start with a traverse on the overhung start until your back is almost touching the boulder behind you. A fall early results in a boulder bump, hence why a crashpad is ideal. Transition from pockets to crimps to slopes to achieve the steep slab top. Anchors in the rock BUT a top rope attempt will absolutely shred a rope.

SportivaProgetto 6m, 3
Halfway there

Same top as Kroma Crashpad, start from on top of the boulder to skip all the hard stuff.

SportivaProgetto 4m, 2
Cambodia Kampong Trach Shark Fin Tower
Front of the fin

Easy sport route up the front of the fin (thin part). Anchors are quite a bit below the top of the tower.

Sportiva 25m, 6
Cambodia Kampong Trach Mkodt Apsara Tower
Middle crack

Start in the crack right in the middle of the front face of the rock. There is a bolted route, but it looks as though it hasn’t been climbed in several years. No beta about the top.

Sportiva 15m, 5
Cambodia Banteay Meanchay Cliff Temple Rock Space Shuttle Tower
5.9 So Generous

Easy slab to the left of the "cockpit". The top anchor can be accessed from above using another set of anchors bolted in the top of the rock (the scramble up the side is easy, but exposed). If you can hand jam its a much easier climb, if you can't it's still easy 😂

Corda dall'alto
V2 The Cockpit

Just a little scramble into the cavity within the tower. Good spot for a cool off. Not hard to get into.


1 - 100 di più di 10,000 vie.

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