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Grado Via Stile equipaggiamento Popolarità
Stringybark Wall
V1 Stringybark Wall Low Traverse

This is an eliminate where you traverse the wall from R to L without using anything above the horizontal seam (you can use the seam itself). Jump off once you are standing on the rail L of the tree.

Boulder 1m
Lower Tier
V1 Slab Happy

Start on the R-hand side of the slab where there is a good foothold. Take the line of least resistance diagonally L and up.

Boulder 3m
V1 R Slab Happy Direct

Start as for Slab Happy but go straight up. The top-out is committing (and usually dirty).

20 Red Flag

Start underneath a shallow seam which can be protected by RPs. Crimp up and join Bullfighter at the 2nd bolt.

FA: Paul Martin

Trad 9m
V1 Whipped Cream

Sit-start under the little overhang and pull up, move R to a jug and top out.

FA: Paul Martin, 2000

19 Rump Steak

FA: Luke Visser & Derek Visser, 2007

Sconosciuto 8m
V1 Face Climb

Standing start in the middle of the face with your hands on good edges. Crimp and smear your way straight up.

FA: Unknown, 2000


Tutti 7 vie visualizzati.

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