Point Perpendicular is a beautiful seaside climbing area with a fantastic atmosphere and often incredible exposure.


Has been re-structured to more closely align with the most recent (2011) guidebook by Robert Dun. The main difference being that the Upper and Lower cliff lines are grouped into common areas.

Limitazioni per l'accesso

Point Perp is located within a Navy Weapons Range and is closed on most weekdays for live fire exercises. It is generally open only on weekends and during NSW school holidays, but even at these times access can be restricted due to crowding and the limited amount of car parking within the range. In peak season the entrance gates can therefore be closed for hours at a time until the range empties out again; at these times consider starting early to beat the rush. At all times of the year, it is best to ring the rangers to check accessibility before you go (02 4448 3411), to avoid the risk of being turned away.

If the range is closed you can always go to the Town Cliffs, accessed from Currarong.


Very easy drive, bitumen to the entrance station at Currarong, then 10km of dirt to the Lighthouse. Then a very easy walk, only 2-5 minutes walk for the main sectors.

Dove stare

There is car camping at Honeymoon Bay with toilets but no water. This is inside the navy weapons range and signposted on the drive-in track. It's only open Friday and Saturday nights, plus Sunday nights during NSW long weekends and all week during NSW school holidays. During school holidays it can be full with family holidaymakers; you'll need to book a long way in advance.

You can also stay at a caravan park at Currarong or Callala.


Point Perp is predominantly a trad crag. There has been more bolting recently but this is a particularly contentious topic. A lot of the bolts are the traditional Aussie carrot and some routes require you to bring up to a dozen keyhole hangers.


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