Buckle Crag

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Located in Kiekebusch Reserve in Gulfview Heights. A small wall with Car Crash quality rock. Has what appears to be a very old undocumented line in the centre with innovative home made fixed gear from the 80's. Could even be 70's!


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The central line with innovative fixed gear. Follow the vertical weaknesses up and right around the corner. Continue up the crack and top out. Has an assortment of gear hammered into the weaknesses including an old car seat belt buckle. Best fixed gear ever! Gear appears to be very old.

Probably best to be climbed on trad judging on how old the gear is and how it's inserted into the rock. Literally just bolts hammered into the cracks. FRA climbed on the gear for them old school feels.

FA: pamelalansbury, 6 Set

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