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Grado Via Stile equipaggiamento Popolarità
Kiki Cove
V0 Long Live the King

Start with hands matched on jug, dyno RH to highest point of boulder, bump LH to second highest peak. Cut legs and then left heel hook second highest peak and top out.

FA: LJ Nielsen, 25 Mar 2020

Boulder 2m
V1 Adelaide to Amsterdam

Traverse from North East corner of boulder, heading west following easy path of least resistance without using any holds above the lip. Continue around to more tricky southern face (again - no holds above lip) and finish in top South East Corner.

FA: LJ Nielsen, 22 Apr 2020

Boulder 4m
V1 Needs More Dog

Sit start with grey holds on the southern corner, head up and right to big hold, and mantle out using the "hole" hold on the top slab

FA: Ben Dickson, 6 Mag 2020

Boulder 2m
Beach Boulder
V1 Jam Donut

Sit start on good slopers on the left hand side of the lower horizontal crack. Traverse the crack left and top out when it ends on the right hand side. The top of the boulder is out. Interestingly enough you don't actually want to use it!

Boulder 2m
Virtue Boulder
V4 Impending Virtue

Sit start under boulder on good left hand pinch and right hand low side pull. Head up on good edges and mantle out.

Boulder 2m
V4 Homage to the Lowball

Sit start as for 'Impending Virtue' but after the pinch head right to the sloper and up. Mantle out. More sustained than 'Impending Virtue'.

FA: thestig, 2020

V2 Sideways Virtue

Sit start on RHS of bouler matched on the sloper. Traverse left and join Impending Virtue. Top out as for this climb.

V0 Golden Mean

Sit start with left on sloper and right hand on obvious pinch. Head right and top out.

Boulder 2m
Ten Slab
V2 10 Traverse

Start at the side of the wall with the "10" marking and traverse the entire way along both walls. Mostly stay off the low platform, but the unavoidable ledge just right of Faith is in

FA: Aga, 6 Mag 2020

Boulder 7m
V2 District 10

Stand start with hands on obvious edge. Head up and over small overhang and top out.

Boulder 6m
V5 Faith

Stand start with hands matched on obvious undercling. Head up and over small overhang to a stance before making an unlikely move to the top.

Boulder 6m
VB Distraction

Stand start on corner in middle of wall, follow the diagonal juggy crack

Boulder 4m
V1 Focused Determination

Sit start with left hand in obvious side pull/undercling and right hand on edge Head slightly right and up before using the high crack to top out

Boulder 4m
V1 Focus

Stand start with both hand on obvious side pull edges. Make a balance pull on and head up the slab on small holds before an easier finish above.

Boulder 4m
V4 Extreme Focus

Stand start as for 'Focus' but at the top head right to a high sloper with your right hand and top out. The crack to the left is out of reach.

Boulder 4m
V4/5 Extreme Sitting

Climb Extreme Focus from a sit-start. Grade will vary quite a bit with height/flexibility

FA: Ben Dickson, 6 Mag 2020

Sunset Boulder
V2 Moonrise

Start on the jug under roof as for Sunset Love, traverse out left. Maybe a bit easier than HOASS, but even more more height-discriminating.

FA: Ben Dickson, 6 Mag 2020

Boulder 3m
V0 Sunset Love

lay down under overhang matched on obvious large edge. Pull on and make a move to the lip before working your way up and over the overhang and mantle out.

Boulder 2m
V3 Height of a Set Sun

Start on the jug under the roof as for Sunset Love, come out onto the lip and traverse around the corner to the right. Grade likely dependent on how many stones the ocean has left below the boulder, as keeping of the ground is the crux

FA: Ben Dickson, 5 Mag 2020

Boulder 2m
VB Welcome Reachiness

On the opposite side of Sunset Love, on the left arete. Sit start and make big move up.

FA: Ben Dickson, 6 Mag 2020

Boulder 2m

Tutti 20 vie visualizzati.

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