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Central America

Mostly known for its beaches, coral reefs and underwater activities, Belize also offers some climbing. Most of it on tufa rich limestone in jungle settings and caves.

Barton Creek Cave

This cliff is located at Mike & Sucely Bogaert's farm next to the popular cave. The climbing is on white, nicely featured limestone with tufas. There is also some DWS next to the cave entrance.

Belize Barton Creek Cave
The cliff just where the concrete stairs end. You can see it from the parking lot.

The cliff just where the concrete stairs end. You can see it from the parking lot.

5.10a Welcome to Mike's Place

The left line around the corner of the left side of the wall.

5.12b Unnamed 6

The route just right of Welcome to Mike’s Place.

Unnamed 7

Steep start behind the big tree. Has a sling anchor half way up on the tree. Watch the status of the sling!

5.9 Tufa the Price of One

Starts just above the big block on the ground and passes left of the huge tufa. A bouldery start leads to easy and fun climbing higher up.

5.10c Unnamed 8

2 left of the nice grey tufa, passes the ledge for 2 more bolts on the headwall. Bouldery start leads to easy climbing, carful on the overgrown ledge!

5.10c Unnamed 9

Just left of the nice grey tufa passing the big hole to anchors just above it.

Unnamed 10

Just right of the big grey tufa. Unfinished route without anchor. You can make it over to the anchor on the left though but not the greatest choice.

5.10d Unnamed 11

Just left of Jungle Fun, where the steeper section of the rock ends and becomes a slab. Steep, bouldery start leads to easy climbing.

5.5 Jungle Fun

A bit run-out for bolt 2, be careful.

5.7 Rumble in the Jungle

Follows the crack feature to an anchor 2/3rds up.

5.9 Unnamed 2

Starts up the hill a bit around the corner and trends left after bolt 2.

Unnamed 3

The rightmost route, very overgrown.

5.10b Unnamed 4

The leftmost route on the right wall, starting right of the corner above the big block. Climbs nice white and solid rock.

Hike up the stairs left from the first cliff and then follow the path towards the upper zip-line. In

Hike up the stairs left from the first cliff and then follow the path towards the upper zip-line. In the hair-pin, follow the faint trail left to the obvious cliff (just after the water tank).

Routes are listed right to left as you walk in!

Unnamed 12

The first route after the corner from the water tank, a bit overgrown.

5.7 Unnamed 1

The second route just after the water tank going up right of the grey tufa.

5.9 Unnamed 13

Further to the left on the nice wall, leading up into an overhanging corner on big holds.

5.10a Unnamed 14

Short route just next to Unnamed 13. Anchor is half way up the wall before the steep section. Follows the crack, technical climbing down low.

5.10a Unnamed 15

First route on the nicely overhanging wall on the left. Shares the first 2 botls with unnamed 16 and then branches out right on the arrete. Sharp holds higher up.

5.11b/c Unnamed 16

Shares first 2 bolts with "Unnamed 15" but goes up straight through the obvious big holes in the upper, overhanging section of the wall.

Cave Entrance
5.8 Mayan Prince

Ends when you stand on the tufa.

Five Blues Lake National Park

Two sectors located in Five Blues Lake National Park with about 20 climbs.

Sibun River

A small cliff that can be seen from the Hummingbird Highway on the left side from the bridge just before the turn-off for the viewpoint at Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge.

Belize Sibun River
5.12 Unnamed 1
5.12 Unnamed 2
5.11 Unnamed 3

Locazed on the right.

Indian Creek
Citrus Cave

A dry and shady cliff with a hand full of routes between 30 and 35 meters in length.

Belize Citrus Cave
OJ Simpson
The Valley
Antigua and Barbuda
Saint John's

WARNING: it seems that this crag hasn't been maintained for at least a decade. Climbing here is not safe. "Club Aruba Active," the organization in charge of maintenance, was closed in 2000.

To climb in this area you'll need extra material such as slings and carabiners to create solid relais points. Without this equipment the tophooks are useless! If you don't have the required material with you, contact C.A.A. for rental. The use of magnesium is permitted, but seldom necessary. Climbing without guidance by C.A.A. members is at your own risk. We completely disapprove of solo climbing, as it gives sportclimbing a bad name and might crack your skull. Just don't do it. The rocks of the "Tears Sector" are well shaded from 10 AM, because of their overhanging nature. The other sectors are shaded from about 1:30 PM.

Aruba consists of volcanic rock on which several layers of coral were deposited by oceanic micro-organisms. The cliffs of Grapefield (also known as the cliffs of the Fontein Coast) are a remnant of these prehistoric reefs. It's from this origin that the rocks derive their unique characteristics. As the original sharpness of the reefs has mostly eroded away, the cliffs are now perfectly suitable for climbing.

Caribbean Aruba Grapefield

Terasse is the sector where the rocks form of two different levels. To the left a walking route is marked, where it is possible to ascent and reach the top of the rocks where the tophooks are situated.

Caribbean Aruba Grapefield Terasse
5+ Tourist Ripoff

Short but sweet, licht overhangende colonette, 3 haken en twee tophaken, 10 meter.

Caribbean Aruba Grapefield

Bringamosa derives it's name from the sharp nature of the lower levels of the rocks. The Bringamosa is a local plant which stings.

Caribbean Aruba Grapefield Bringamosa
4 El sol
4 Steady as she goes
4 Iguana
5 Voor Jos

Features a straight line through stalactite like rock. After the terasse (midway) the terrain changes to slightly sharp rock. Two tophooks, no further bolting. The route is dedicated to Jos Schilt who died in 1996 at the age of 22.

5 Hard/Suf

Lower level technical with small sharp grips. Upper level comparable to Voor Jos. Tophooks, no further bolting.

5+ Terug naar Osdorp

Start by following the crack, then straight up. First route to be climbed on the lead in this area. Typical route for this sector. Osdorp is a suburban area of Amsterdam.

Caribbean Aruba Grapefield
Tears left

This is by far the most interesting sector of Grapefield. It features overhanging terrain and L to XXL roofs. Very physical climbing and a selection of bolted routes.

Caribbean Aruba Grapefield Tears left
6a+ Warawara Dream

De route gaat eerst recht omhoog ,daarna een naar rechts door het grote gat en dan de uitklim recht omhoog. In het gat zit een bijennest!

Start to the far right near the crack. Follow the hooks and cross to the right when you reach the big hole. Runout is through the gully. Slightly overhanging terrain. The keypassage is above the hole.

6b May the Force be with you

Discontinued route.

Loopt omhoog door mooi terrein waarna een dak volgt met paar harde passen.

Features a straight line through a large roof. The runout is to the right of Warawara Dream. When fully equipped there is a considerable ropefriction.

5+ The Power of the Schwartz

Naar boven via de colonettes en dan traverse naar links onder het grote dak door. UItklim om de hoek, links van uitklim Warawara Dream.

Follow the line through the "stalactites" and traverse to the left while following the hooks. Not suitable for toproping. The bolts on top are shared with "May the force be with you". When climbed on the lead there is a considerable ropefriction on top. Watch the runout, which is straight up from the last hook!

7b Arubaanse Zoab

Wacht maar tot dat je dit dak ziet ! Tussen de tweede en vijfde haak het moeilijkst, met gaatjes en zandjes. Na de vijfde haak een erg atletische route met zeer grote grepen.

7a Fly the difference

Over sluikreclame gesproken....Atletische route waarvan de tweede helft het meest lastig is.

6c Swansational

De laatste 7 meter is erg lastig, maar met mooie bewegingen. Met een bijzondere no hands rest.

herbehaakt 11/2008

6b Tears for Fears

Grapefield klassieker, fraaie lijn met gaten en colonettes. Markeert de grens tussen linker en rechter deel sector.

A classic, which features overhanging terrain with good grips. Follow the "tears" and the bolts. As they say in Dutch: the venom is in the tail! The bolts on top are not easy to reach when climbing on the lead. Toproping is possible, but the edge is very sharp, which makes it an obstacle of some weight.

herbehaakt 11/2008

6B E vida di Tabaré

Vorige topo "Caja Betico Croes", hernoemd. Fysieke overhangende passen, op 1/3 deel goede rustpositie in te nemen.

A traverse from below Warawara Dream to the start of Tears for Fears. Loads of pitch. Very physical with a lot of overhanging terrain. Excellent training route!

Caribbean Aruba Grapefield
Tears right

This is by far the most interesting sector of Grapefield. It features overhanging terrain and L to XXL roofs. Very physical climbing and a selection of bolted routes.

Caribbean Aruba Grapefield Tears right
6b Masha danki Lago

Commentaar op de pitch die overgebleven is in de wand na het schoonmaken door de Lago. Continue route waarvan de laatste helft ver overhangend.

7a KIA

project, nog niet voorgeklommen.

7a+ Brokki Brokki

Deze route ontleent zijn naam aan de brok steen van 50 kilo die Frank Sillen op zijn knie kreeg hangend in het touw. Dak passage is het lastigste door de scherpe grepen.

Gino Gino

As the mysterious Gino has left an obvious mark, the route is named after him. Tophooks.

6a+ Avenida Diagonal

Volg de haken, eerst schuin naar linksboven, dan korte travers naar rechts en dan weer schuin naar linksboven. Uitklim rechtsboven.

Features a line to the left. Follow the different "balconies". The runout is slightly to the right.

Herbehaakt 11/2008

6a This is Grapefield

Klassieker, alle typen rots van Grapefield in één route te vinden. De lijn is gewoon recht naar boven.

Straight line which features all terrain types of the rocks of Grapefield. Two bolts on top.

Caribbean Aruba Grapefield

A relatively rough area with a lot of loose rocks.

Caribbean Aruba Grapefield Garbage
3 Parkietenbos

Lichte route, goed om te wennen.

5+ Pure Garbage

In begin licht overhangend en daarna even rustig en dan scherpe, relatief grote grepen recht omhoog.

4 El Novato

Wederom lichte route.

Caribbean Aruba Grapefield

The area is named after the Kinikini birds usually sitting on the rocks and scoping the area for a possible prey. Further to the right the rocks become lower and are no longer suitable for sportclimbing.

Caribbean Aruba Grapefield Birdwatch
5+ Absurdismo

Zeer scherpe rots. Pijn is fijn??

5 Machismo

Karakter rots als Absurdismo

5+ Masochismo

Scherp, mooi scheur die je kan volgen.

Caribbean Aruba
Arashi Boulders
Caribbean Aruba Arashi Boulders
V2 Arashi Dash
Caribbean Aruba
Ayo Boulders
Caribbean Aruba Ayo Boulders
V5 Bruja
V5/6 PG13 The Egg
V2 The Monocle
V0 Squids Eye
V2 Boom Boom
V3 Space Cadet Arete
V4 The Block
V4 X Cactus Landing
V3 Crispy Gringo Traverse
V2 Galaxy
V4 The Giant's Pocket
V0 Heat Stroke Atere
V3 The Middle
V5 No Climber Can Eat 50 Eggs
V9 Pincers of Power
V3 Scoop
V1 Slab Happy
V6 Space Cadet
V10/11 Wishes and Dishes
Caribbean Aruba
Caribbean Aruba Casibari
V4 Scubaruba
Caribbean Aruba
Coconut Arch
Caribbean Aruba Coconut Arch
V0 Crimping Coral
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