It is a unique route through deep forest up a ridge. You do not need to touch the rock, because there are fix ropes at the difficult parts, but it is fun climbing from tree to tree. 60 meter rope required. The view from the top is amazing. Definitely a new experience and in combination with a hole day hike through the rainforest a great one. We climbed it in July 2022 and saw just a few animal, even the rainforest looks wild. More or less no moskitos.


Not easy to find. We hiked up from north to the three coconut pass starting at the museum. From there you turn right, walk around a rock (not visible, because of all the forest) and then turn right again up a very small path. This is marked with two or three red signs/slings. As you reach the ridge it gets steeper. In July 2022 it was freshly prepared and good to hike. As you reach a spot where you can look around and the ridge gets even steeper you take the rope and crumble up from fixrope to fixrope. You can use slings for belaying if necessary.

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You can climb down so no abseil necessary and not possible because of all the trees and plants. Coming from the north we went down to south so you can cross the hole island and finish at Ha'apiti. The way on side is much more difficult to descend, but worth an adventurous hike through jungle. The path is marked and on the steep spots you find some fix ropes. Use Komoot or another goop map.


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From the Three Coconuts Pass, hike along the ridge towards Mouaroa. The ridgeline begins to steepen and becomes about a grade 6 climb up loose soil, rock, and small shrubs. There is a boulder problem (crux - 2 bolts) on decent rock just before the anchors (DRB).

FA: Luen Warneke, Nov 2019

From the 'Access pitch' anchors, traverse R to ledge.

FA: Luen Warneke, Nov 2019


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