Vie in Eagle Crag

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Tutti 14 vie visualizzati.

Grado Via Stile equipaggiamento Popolarità Falesia
17 A Steyn On Our Reputation
Trad 110m Mt Everest Nature Reserve
18 A Steynless Route
Trad 110m Mt Everest Nature Reserve
18 Hennie Boekwurm
Trad 85m Mt Everest Nature Reserve
20 Take It Easy
1 18 40m
2 20 25m
3 11 25m
  1. 40m (18) 13D. This pitch ends on a large ledge below the overhanging Red Wall. One-bolt belay.

  2. 25m (20) 15D. Climb back and clip the last bolt of the previous pitch and continue up.

  3. 25m (11) 6D. This pitch takes you to the top.

Abseil back down the route. From the anchors at the top of pitch 2, abseil over the edge and onto the ledge below the Red Wall. The final abseil bolts are located on the clean rock face adjacent to the extreme right-hand side of the ledge. After the final abseil scramble down an easy gully to reach the base of the crag. Tie a knot in the end of your rope - this pitch is almost 35m long.

FA: Grant Murry & Mike Cartwright, 1994

Sportiva 90m, 3, 15 Mt Everest Nature Reserve
20 Riding Fences

FA: Mike Cartwright & Grant Murray, 1994

Sportiva 12 Mt Everest Nature Reserve
33/34 Mass Extinction

Left-hand side line of bolt on the overhanging red wall slanting to the right, midway up the face. Stick clip recommended. Rebolted by Andrew Pedley in 2012.

Set by Grant Murray, 1994

FA: Mel Janse van Rensburg, 28 Mar 2019

Sportiva 30m Mt Everest Nature Reserve
Rat's Red Wall Project
SportivaProject Mt Everest Nature Reserve
27 Dark Desert Highway
Sportiva Mt Everest Nature Reserve
28 Running For the Door Project
SportivaProject 2 Mt Everest Nature Reserve
18 For Your Eyes Only
1 18 30m
2 17 20m
3 17 35m
4 15 35m
5 18 45m

It is possible to avoid the final pitch by walking off to the left. Decent by hiking around the back of the mountain to the right and then down the gully between Eagle Crag and Eagle's Head.

FA: Philippe Gaboriaud, 2017

Sportiva 170m, 5, 20 Mt Everest Nature Reserve
19 Karibuni Rafiki
  1. 25m (19) 10D

  2. Project

Set by Philippe Grandemy

SportivaProject 25m, 2 Mt Everest Nature Reserve
20 Big Wide Open

FA: Andrew Pedley

Sportiva 30m, 12 Mt Everest Nature Reserve
23 Riders of the Storm
1 18 25m
2 23 25m

Both pitches can be combined (20 draws)

FA: Philippe Gaboriaud

Sportiva 50m, 2, 12 Mt Everest Nature Reserve
27 From Father to Son
  1. 28m (27) 10D

  2. Project

Set by Philippe Gaboriaud

SportivaProject 28m, 2 Mt Everest Nature Reserve

Tutti 14 vie visualizzati.

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